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More On Dichloroacetate (DCA) In Cancer Treatment

by Dr. Len May 14, 2010

You may remember my previous blogs and other media reports from a couple of years ago about the new “miracle” chemical for cancer treatment.  The name of the chemical is dichloroacetate, more commonly known as DCA.


When first reported in early 2007, a research paper started a worldwide firestorm of interest and debate about the use of DCA in cancer treatment.  Of concern was the fact that since the chemical was long off patent no one was interested in funding further research given the limited potential economic return of the investment.


Well, DCA is back.  And in fairness the science as reported is interesting.  But it is the report that DCA appeared to have some benefit in the treatment of aggressive brain cancer that is probably going to get the headlines.


Without going into a lot of details, DCA is a commercially available chemical (you can order it off the internet) that has previously been used medically in the treatment of a condition where lactic acid builds up in the body.  It is reported to have limited side effects, primarily neurologic.


In the previous experiments, animal and “bench lab” science suggested DCA could reverse the growth of cancer cells.  The theory that DCA could work in cancer was based on a longstanding observation that cancer cells rely on a certain way of getting their energy that was essentially unique to cancer.  Alter the pathway—so the theory goes—and you can disrupt the growth of cancer cells.  The suggestion of the research paper published in January 2007 was that DCA successfully altered that pathway and had the desired effect on the cancer cells and transplanted tumors.


It turns out—as I reported in another blog in August 2008—that the same “energy” theory has been used to develop PET scans, which are commonly used today in cancer diagnosis and treatment.


If you read the comments I made at that time, I made the connection between the two and wrote the following:


“So maybe the DCA researcher wasn’t so “far out” after all.   And it doesn’t take a huge leap to think about the fact that if researchers could take advantage of this phenomenon, it could indeed be a possible approach to the treatment of cancer.


“I actually asked one of my expert colleagues at the Wednesday meeting about that possibility.  He told me that in fact several researchers were pursuing exactly that question.  They are trying to find out if the same abnormal glucose metabolism that makes a PET scan useful can be applied to the treatment of cancer.


“I still remain very cautious about the use of DCA in patients.  I don’t believe it is a magic bullet, or even that it will have any benefit in the treatment of cancer.  We simply don’t have the research that supports that conclusion.  As I often say, it is a long road from the bench to the bedside.


“But this experience should also serve as a reminder to all of us that you can never say never.  You always have to be open to new thoughts and new ideas, and you always have to be prepared to readdress your prior thoughts and opinions based on new and/or additional information.”


I even called the lead researcher’s office in Canada to see if I could more updated information on the progress with DCA, and was told that they were concluding some studies in brain cancer and they were hoping to get them published.


Well, that publication has now occurred this week in Science Translational Medicine.  And the results are interesting.


In this study, the researchers looked at the impact of DCA on tumor cells from patients with an aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastoma, which generally does not respond well to treatment.


They performed some very sophisticated lab experiments which demonstrated the impact of DCA on the tumor cells from 49 patients with this cancer.  The experiments—which are much too complicated to describe here—generally support the effectiveness of DCA at altering cell behavior.


The investigators also treated five patients who had glioblastoma with DCA.  The only side effect they found was a reversible change in peripheral nerve function.  No other side effects were described.  Of the five patients, three had progressing disease despite prior treatment and two were newly diagnosed. Those two patients were treated with different protocols.  The results of the treatments were variable as were the approaches to treatment.  Nonetheless, the report shows some MRI pictures pre and post treatment which show regression of the cancers in two patients.


How would I characterize this report? 


Simply stated, the science is intriguing and I believe is something to be pursued both in the lab and in the clinic.  BUT, and this is a big but, it is not a cure for glioblastoma or any other cancer based on these results.


My concern is that this paper is going to be transformed—like the last one—into something that it is not, namely that this is definitive evidence that DCA is the magic bullet for cancer treatment, particularly in glioblastoma (which is a cancer that has a very poor prognosis).


This research still needs lots of work before we know whether it works or doesn’t work, and whether it is really safe or not when given to patients with cancer under a variety of circumstances.


If that sounds overly cautious, so be it.  I have seen too many dashed hopes in my medical career which make me a bit cautious about reports like this.  That’s not to say I don’t think it could work—it could, as I mentioned above—but I want to see evidence in well done trials that prove the point that DCA is effective in the treatment of which cancers under what circumstances.


Early in my cancer training there was a substance isolated by a researcher that was supposedly non-toxic and would cure leukemia.  The research center where I was working was inundated from people around the globe who wanted this treatment, especially after the lead researcher injected himself on a nationwide morning show to demonstrate its apparent lack of toxicity.


Only grams of this medicine existed.  Fortunes were offered in return for getting this miracle drug.


But the miracle drug—after reasonable clinical trials were done—didn’t work after all.


In the case of DCA, internet traffic zoomed with reports of its purported success in curing cancer—in lab animals.  Clinics sprung up, and are probably still active.  The risk is that we are going to see a resurgence of this now that the new report has been issued.


I am not delusional and think that a lid can be put on this information and the expectations it will generate so research can progress in an orderly fashion.  But I am also not delusional in thinking that people aren’t going to be subject to outlandish claims and promises about this new cancer cure.  There are people out there who are more than willing to separate desperate patients from whatever they own in an attempt to get DCA treatment—let alone knowing if the treatment even contains DCA, which is in limited supply for human use.


We shall see how this progresses.  Hopefully, clinical trials will proceed appropriately.


And I stand by my skepticism, while encouraging further research to answer the fundamental question whether or not DCA really works in treating cancer.


In the meantime, caution is advised.  Don’t become the victim of a cancer scam.  The scamsters are sure to follow this report as night follows day.



3/11/2011 2:13:56 AM #


i do not personally have cancer at the moment but i have seen family members and friends suffer from it while doctors and big pharma companies profit from there suffering and deaths. i will never understand how our nation the nation that leads the world in any direction it choose, can just  sit back and think about a profit while many dedicated hard working loyal citizens suffer with something that can be cured. there comes a time when life is more important than profit. our nation is in a bind and that means that the world is in a bind and how more to get out of a bind than curing the people that have the knowledge to invent new ideas , create newer jobs  and more importantly have a testimony to the world of how unique and loyal America is to it's citizens by breaking that old way of making big profits off the suffering of it's people when there is a cure.


4/12/2011 1:34:25 AM #


Any article that puts down DCA is most likely a paid pharm doctor doing so.  Wake up people.  Do you think they will let a trillion dollar industry fail because of a non patenable drug?  WAKE UP!  As for the comments of there is no miracle cure, well....scurvy was cured by Vitamin C.  BUT, look at the label on Vitamin C, the FDA says its not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease!!  Stop being naive, western medicine is not your friend.


5/13/2011 11:47:27 PM #


While DCA shows incredible promise for a lot of cancers, it REALLY ISN'T a magic bullet - a few other tests in animals (mice with colorectal cancer) showed DCA actually INCREASING the growth of cancerous cells! Furthermore, while we know DCA's side effects when taken in lower doses or for a short time, higher doses can be more toxic - and, ironically, it's a known carcinogen in high enough concentrations. THIS IS WHY TESTING IS NECESSARY. Yes, drugs CAN make a situation worse if we aren't sure what effects they'll have.

We can blame the pharmaceutical companies for not wanting to fund the research - for obvious reasons. Don't, however, blame the scientists that want the tests done in the first place; rushing to embrace something as a miracle cure can end in disaster. Remember radium? Thalidomide?

Fooch: That's because scurvy is Vitamin C deficiency. You also don't see water labelled as 'curing diseases such as dehydration.'


5/14/2011 12:51:23 AM #

Dave Clark

Dymara -

Couple quick things to your post -

These posts are not about miracles or magic bullets.  These posts are about cancers that will gut out loved ones and make their standard of living crap with chemotherapy.

If I end up having cancer - please fill up my cup with DCA and make me a big heaping cup of it every morning.

It's our choice, we're not idiots so please spare us your diatribe about conspiracy theories and the like.

Testing is necessary - you're right but waiting around for 20 years for a shit agency like the FDA is not going to happen.

Good day -

Dave Clark

5/14/2011 3:27:52 AM #



If taking something might actually speed up the cancer's growth and progress rather than hinder it and something like chemo or radiation might slow it down, I think it's very much a bad idea to rush something to market and while you're not adults, cancer can make one desperate. I know I speak from a place where my mother is a survivor and that may not have been the case had she decided to take something like DCA. Radiation and other treatments worked for her.

Now, if you're so interested in getting this tested, what have you done? Have you contacted the FDA? Offered to fund the research? Set up a funding route to establish the research needed? Other than telling other people what to do and insulting others by telling them their opinion is diatribe and conspiracy laden (not so, all truth noted above- no conspiracies unlike the other posts that claim doctors who hold it up are just pharma puppets) what are you doing other than replying on message boards?


5/14/2011 3:34:10 AM #


I meant, while you're not idiots not that you're not adults. I mixed two thoughts.


5/14/2011 3:14:38 PM #


I appreciate your caution.

The NIH has already done studies & follow-ups. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2945664/  The results are in. Treatment is worth a trial -- backing it up with thiamine for the neuropathy (reversible).

If it doesn't work for a particular cancer -- no harm done. And very little $$ spent finding out it doesn't work.

Worth a try, I think.


5/14/2011 5:02:30 PM #


@Michelle, My mother is also a survivor of cancer. She had Non-Hodgkins Lymphona and was treated with chemo for over a year. She's been in remission almost 6 years so her doctors are saying it most likely is defeated. I had an uncle that passed away from lung cancer. Chemo couldn't help him and he passed away 3 months after being diagnosed. If DCA was used, it could be said that he might possibly be here today. But because this isn't more well-known, people like him had no chance. I understand that it shouldn't be used in cases where chemo has higher than a 60-70% chance of working. But if it's a case where the outlook is anything less, I think we as people should have every option available. I'm glad to hear your mother survived, but the type of cancer she survived is what matters. My guess is she had one that is now more commonly treated with chemo because it has a high success rate. At the very least, we should be told how to take this drug so people don't read this, order it online, and take it in the wrong manner. If I went to the doctor tomorrow and he told me I was facing a deadly cancer that doesn't have a good outlook, I will be searching google for the first supplier that I could find.


5/14/2011 9:32:40 PM #

Dave Clark

Hi Michelle - interesting comments.  I agree that a rush to usage of a non-proven drug is risky and over dose or using improper dosages can create larger problems if not administered with a bit of sense.

Let me break down the email that I replied to:

"While DCA shows incredible promise for a lot of cancers, it REALLY ISN'T a magic bullet - a few other tests in animals (mice with colorectal cancer) showed DCA actually INCREASING the growth of cancerous cells! Furthermore, while we know DCA's side effects when taken in lower doses or for a short time, higher doses can be more toxic - and, ironically, it's a known carcinogen in high enough concentrations. THIS IS WHY TESTING IS NECESSARY. Yes, drugs CAN make a situation worse if we aren't sure what effects they'll have."

What caught my attention was the term "Magic bullet"

I don't remember one post in this forum referring to the term "Magic Bullet" as a descriptor for DCA.  Why would I care?  When people throw around terms like "magic" and "miracle" it creates a sense of desperation and a willingness to believe in anything.  I for one do not think the majority of these posts are from desperate people.  They are from people who are looking to educate themselves on the cutting edge information that is not available in the mainstream media outlets.  I think it's absolutely fantastic that they are doing so.

What am I or what can I do to support testing?  Michelle I'd give every bit of my extra income away if it meant that more folks in different stages of cancer to be involved with the clinical trials they are performing in Canada.  While I think it's wonderful your mother is a survivor, I thinks it's horrible the amount of folks who aren't as fortunate and haven't even entertained other options.  You would not believe the number of people who have not even heard of DCA or the clinical trials in Canada. I really do think the biggest impact we can achieve from home is continuing to pose questions and keep the forums alive.  Let's read, learn and refuse to admit our loved ones to palliative options before we've exhausted all possibilities.

If we have a situations where DCA has actually accelerated cancer growth lets get the information shared and posted on the forums.  If we have quantitative proof that tumors are growing like wildfire after introduction of DCA - these forums are the place for those interested to share and learn.   I think it is absolutely amazing that we have the sheer number of people scanning and sharing their PET/MIR scans for everyone here to read.  How awesome is that?

To me what it comes down to is optimism and a sense of sharing.  There will always be folks who will find fault with a group of people trying to enlighten themselves on the benefits and risks associated with a treatment course that is not accepted in our domestic medical community.  I think what we should be asking ourselves should center around maintaining a sense of vigilance with what we put out there in forum land so folks aren't going out and dosing 60x  the recommended ratio and not surprisingly develop liver and other cancers that wouldn't have developed had they dosed properly.

To sum it up - I understand where you are coming from.  I really do not have faith in our medical community here in the states.  I'm tired of getting robbed by the pricing scams that exists today.  I'm tired of hearing about Patient goes to doctor, complains of stomach pain, is prescribed 800mg Tagamet pills, returns to hospital 2 years later with metastasized color cancer.  

I have a great link that you might enjoy:


look over his writings - now imagine stage 4 "terminal cancer" patients reading that droll.

What an inspiration

Dave Clark

5/15/2011 8:56:46 AM #

Michael Linnard

My son lost his mother, my ex-wife, to breast cancer about 6 years ago and had I know of DCA, I'm afraid I would have used it whatever. Watching someone die over a period of years is something I would not want to repeat if I had a drug such as DCA, which has the slightest chance of being success. Although I agree with the general attitude of caution, I am slightly concerned that there is not more research effort going into this potential wonder drug. Unfortunately, the world's big Pharma companies, particularly in the US, are not interested in this because their are more focussed on treating symptoms than providing a cure. It's not in their financial interest to cure cancer... their is no other point to make. Therefore, it falls to governments such Canada to conduct these trails. And I hope that the Canadian government can withstand the pressure that will come from these global pharma companies to stop or slow walk this research.

Michael Linnard

5/16/2011 11:00:10 AM #


My husband, who was told that he had mere weeks to live, & was not eligable for a liver transplant, was none the less perscribed a drug by his oncologist, that was said to prolong life 4 - 6 weeks only.  The possible side effects were stroke, heart attack, etc. in other words immediate death. The drug was so expensive that it is not stocked at all, but rather has to be made up on order of the oncologist.  Now why would she perscribe something meant only for patients trying to hold on while waiting for a transplant when he was not eligable for a transplant.
When he refused the drug, not wanting to risk his few possible weeks, she labeled him a " hostile patient", which she put in his file.
On researching this oncologist, we found that she is on the reasearch board for this same drug.
Fame & money & to hell with the Hypocratic oath!  
This is the same doctor, that when I asked what diet he should be on, told me it didn't matter what he ate!

I rest my case.


5/16/2011 9:47:21 PM #

Ralph Garner

I watched my mother die a painful death. My sister also died of cancer and I had prostate and could stil have lung cancer in the near future if predictions are correct. I agree with all of the responses for DCA. If in a terminal cancer stste why not try DCA and considering that DCA cannot be patented and the cancer society has been searching for a cure for about 60m or seventy years and still has no affordable cures.harmaceutical companies will never touch DCA because it is not patentable and therefore no profits for Big Pharma. I trust University of Alberta more and since they have not posted any false claims I too would take DCA right now with what I know. Time will tell at my age I would have nothing to lose.

Ralph Garner

5/18/2011 6:17:55 AM #

Andrew D'Angelo

I surpassed brain cancer without the use of chemo or radiation.  I did have surgery to remove a tumor from my right frontal lobe because I was afraid (cancer has a way of causing a lot of fear!).  Using mega-vitamin doses, mind-pattern reform, and other 'natural' methods, I cured my Self of cancer.  In my opinion we are simply looking in the wrong direction for a cure.  We have the cure, it is within all of us.  Use your mind to heal your own body.  Find out what the dis-ease is saying to you and understand why you brought it into your life.

Just look on Amazon or at your local bookstore, many have cured themselves of cancer naturally.  I did not want to be poisoned to death nor did I want to allow cancer to exist in my life any longer.  

The question is; what really kills us?  The cancer or the treatment.  I say do whatever you can to save your life!!  And ask a lot of questions when someone is shooting something into your body.  Help others by improving your Self.  We are all here to help each other.  Through greater awareness we can do just that.  

Andrew D'Angelo

5/20/2011 5:47:37 PM #

Jeff MS

First of all, Dave Clark, I'm enjoying reading your posts.  They are both articulate and passionate without losing the point.

Secondly, my story:  My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer in September 2010.  Nearly 9 months later, traditional treatment protocols (radiation, toma radiation, various chemotherapy drugs and the new "wonder drug" Avastin) have all failed to contain what was originally a small tumor (less than 2cm dia) in the middle lobe of her right lung and a "little bit" of cancer in the lymph nodes in her mediastinum.  Now, (we learned this week) within the past two weeks it has spread to her brain and spine.  It had previously spread to the lymph nodes under both collar bones and in the mediastinum, with a new tumor in the lower lobe of her right lung.  

While insisting that we must return for more radiation, our oncologist is also saying that there's nothing left to do and she won't make it to July.

So, if DCA can help, I/we are willing to try it as we have a lot of living yet to do.  

With all due respect Dr. Len, and I mean this sincerely as I'm grateful that you have offered this forum as a place for education, my questions may border what you deem as inappropriate for your site.  I'm hopeful that I'm wrong and that my questions will be posted.

My question to everyone on this blog is as follows:  Have you heard of the Medicor Cancer Centres in Toronto?  They seem to have been treating cancer with DCA and other "non- big-pharma" drugs for a few years, claiming that they have treated over 600 patients.

Has anyone here had any experience with this facility?  Are they on the level?

A question directly for Dr. Len:

Do you know of any hospitals in the USA who are conducting clinical trials at the moment on DCA or any other potential alternatives to the current chemo & radiation treatments on the market that are not working on my wife's cancer?  Preferably in Southern California as traveling far may not be a feasible option.

Blessings to you all - especially Dr. Len - for educating, sharing and caring.

Jeff MS

5/21/2011 1:05:02 AM #

Dave Clark

Jeff - my wife and I are hoping for your wife's health.  You may have found this link already but here is a testimonial that you might find interesting.

Finally, I appreciate your compliments very much - thank you Jeff



Dave Clark

5/21/2011 1:21:11 AM #

Dave Clark

Additional story of Tom McGhee - stage 4 lung cancer


Dave Clark

5/21/2011 5:00:21 PM #


Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for your good wishes.  I just looked at both links - the first one seemed a bit out of kilter, leading with a comment that the patient had passed away.  Was this the correct site?  The second one was very interesting as well as it poses several questions for which I wasn't able to find the answers - perhaps you or another blogger on this site may know:

Is Tom in Canada or the USA?  
Are there hospitals/doctors in the USA involved in trials who would work with DCA as a supplement to or an alternative to chemo?




5/22/2011 12:49:37 AM #

Dave Clark

Hi Jeff -

that first link caught my attention as well but I realized he had only just started taking DCA shortly before he passed away - as in only had used DCA for a month before he passed.  

Here is some links to more posts and it looks to have a lot of material in this feed



by the way - if I can help you hunt down info or additional material - please forward me what you are looking for and I'd be happy to see what is out there - my email is daveclark33 @ gmail.com

Dave Clark

5/22/2011 1:26:24 PM #


Hi Dave,

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!  Please look for an e-mail from me - my address is:  Intrepidsolution@aol.com.

I am truly grateful.



5/26/2011 8:56:05 AM #


It's interesting that Dr. Len posted this a year ago and indeed his prediction was accurate. It has blown up and gone viral over the Internet once again. I came here from a Google search on dichloroacetate because a New Age Facebook friend of mine posted that big pharma is hiding the fact that their is a cure for cancer. As a scientist myself I understand the scientific method, something that the average Joe simply doesn't understand. And please, I am not saying that you are all stupid because no matter who you are, it's just a training method that scientist are thorough about. You absolutely have to have definitive results for what ever scientific process you are working on in order to say to any given certainty that something is true or not.

As scientist we cannot paint with a broad brush and simply make blanket statements on any given project. It would go against our training and ethical standards as scientist and it would also hurt our reputation and any University or Company that we work for. Not to mention the law suits that would incur. We are not heartless for doing so in fact it's quite the opposite. If we let a product out to the market that showed to be a miracle cure and then ten years down the road people started dieing... well think about that.


5/27/2011 12:04:42 AM #


About the Scientific Method and requiring a specific number of years for a clinical trial ...
What about Swine Flu Vaccines, Avian Flu Vaccines, etc, etc, etc?
Countless Vaccines that come out months after a new "pandemic" sweeps the world. Surely these medications have not been tested for a whole 10 years before being given to the public, but rather a matter of months, because they are what the public wants, and what big drug companies can make money off of.

i will agree that just shooting someone up with random drugs and claiming for them to be a miracle drug is potentially dangerous and gives hope to people who have none, but saying the reason its not being prescribed is because its not tested enough is rediculous. IF it was possible that money could be made off of it, it would be front page of every news paper, even if the success rate was 25%.
Same reason that Apple Cider Vinegar actually magically takes off warts, but no doctor will ever prescribe it to you.


5/27/2011 10:18:21 AM #


Well in the case of flu, it's old science now that vaccines work so actually its been quite tested. That's not a good example. But you are right to say that if there was money in this then it would be rigorously tested today.


6/2/2011 3:51:56 PM #


If this DCA could possibly be the "Magic Bullet" for cancer but it is not getting the funding because there is no money to be made in by pharmaceutical companies then that is a shame. I think anything that has been tested such as DCA and shown a glimpse of hope to being the cure should be researched and receive some funding from all the Non-Profit Cancer organizations out there that I donate to yearly! I mean that is why we all donate isn’t it; to find a cure no matter the source or the profitability of that source!
FYI I have had 4 family members and 6 friends in the past 10 year diagnosed with some form of cancer and only 4 have survived and 1 is still fighting! You do the math that is not an acceptable rate of success!


6/17/2011 10:07:28 AM #

Michael Cleary

Hi, Len,    I hope that I can be of some use.

DCA features in the Cancer Phytotherapy Service's leaflet   "Delivery from Cancer", as an oxygenator.

Cancer cells all types are susceptible to destruction if they are oxygenated.   This coupled with the fruit essence from which now and forms the analogue for DMU-212 the  US Patent Application 20100028262 published 10 April 2010, is a rapid destructive process.    It manages to push  unwanted mitosis and any metastases below the parapet for most cancers.

Summary:    methoxylated stilbene (resveratrol) an alkoxy chalcone ( four hours in the plasma) enters all cells and the  cancer stem cells which alone are home to the enzyme CYP1B1 are metabolised into piceatannol with is cytotoxic.

It is a slow haul but after two or three months the CT or MRI will show a difference.   Caution: everyone is different and the cancer growth stage will determine efectiveness.   Even those at Stage 4 get a better and more comfortable existence and more time.

So far results are promising.   You can detect we are optimists!  It has taken eleven years to reach this far.

More information at   www.cancerphytotherapy.org.   under construction meanwhile  use cps@talktalk.net or micleary@talktalk.net   "Delivery from Cancer" is pdf

Kind regards to all your readers


Michael Cleary

8/14/2011 12:22:23 AM #


DCA probably is not a magic bullet.  In my opinion, it probably will have some efficacy for some types of cancer.  

Monetization of clearly health creates a class of people who have a vested interest in increased sickness.    How can a cheap, easy cure for anything ever be researched in the current system?   No effort has been spent on researchiing dietary changes and other mechanisms to help cure cancer, although these sorts of changes could clearly be efficacious  Capitalism works great for computers .. but poorly, in these kinds of low-tech cases, for medicine.

Small wonder most of this kind of research comes out of countries with socialized medicine, like Canada and Sweden.

If you want a "new molecule"... look to the U.S.   If you want research on vitamin C, DCA, breast feeding, and any other unpatentable system of improving health... look elsewhere.


8/15/2011 5:47:39 PM #

Victor Lau

Sure the pharma industries are not going to touch it because they would not have anything else to sell to make money.  So they should push for clinical trials through government agencies and/or medical schools which will provide instant large number of potential patients for trials.  Where is FDA on this issue?  It needs to come out and explain to the public why the agency is completely silent about it.

Victor Lau

8/30/2011 5:22:46 PM #

cindy b

can anyone help me find the dosing method for dca.   have stage 4 and will take any hope

cindy b

9/1/2011 9:49:35 AM #

Dr. Len's Cancer Blog Moderator

Dear Cindy, we understand your situation, but do not allow specific patient treatment recommendations to be made on the blog.

Dr. Len's Cancer Blog Moderator

2/6/2012 3:03:55 AM #


My dad is currently taking DCA for a spreading glioblastoma. He has more energy and symptoms are decreased. One day he suddenly lost speech, was given steroids short term and was quickly started on DCA. He regained speech, finished the steriods, and has not lost the ability to speak yet.  He says he has more energy now on 20mg/kg/d than he has since his diagnosis in May 11. He has had two carniotomies, radiation and Temodar. None of them stopped the cancer, but they may have slowed it down, needless to say he is continuing the Temodar while adding DCA and B1.  We do not know if the tumor has stopped growing or is decreasing in size.....but I tell you improvement in symptoms means everything to our family. He is smiling again.


2/12/2012 4:09:10 PM #


If the system is neglecting DCA, then you can pretty much know that there is something to it. Dr's work for the system of keeping people sick and not curing them. It's their BUSINESS, if they start curing people with cheap and easy methods...they have no BUSINESS. All the years they have put in to be a Dr will be wasted and they will not have their monetary rewards. Hey, people get sick and die, so, at least the Dr's make huge money and get their trips around the world every year, right? The hospitals stay busy and so do the undertakers. If the system is trying to debunk something, you best believe that it has some value to human health. Do the freakin research, one scientist did and look at the reaction. "Well, we don't know and there is no magic bullet" and all the other catch prhases that tries to debunk it with the masses. If you ask me, it's the medical system that is sick and they don't want to cure anyone. We have to look out for ourselves because the 'system' sure as hell won't. Check out Marijuana (without fertilizers) leaves used through a juicer...another cure that Dr's want no part of because the 'system' tells us that Marijuana is 'evil'....the cat is jumping out of the bag and these shysters are doing everything they can to push it back in...it's disgusting.


3/1/2012 2:08:33 PM #


Can anyone tell me where you have been able to get LEGITIMATE DCA?

My sister was diagnosed with stage iv lung cancer and is doing the usual chemo and radiation. In two short months she is 1/4 of the person she used to be. Unable to keep food down, on pain killers out the wazoo....She is my only sibling and I will do whatever I can to help her get her strength back to allow her to fight this cancer.

From this site and others - it seems to offer ( to many) a much better quality of life while fighting this dreadful disease.
I have written Dr. Evanelos Michelakis for guidance in purchasing DCA - but no one from his office responded.

Thank you!!!


3/11/2012 3:11:36 PM #


As long as the FDA , American Cancer Society, WHO, ICRP ignore food as the main source for radiation induced cancer (mutation) there will be no official help worth the name. According to WHO we have 7,6 mio cancer deaths each year. If someone survives 5 years, he / she does not count, although they die later on. Fake statistics.

The persistence of ignorance is astounding.
Since 1927, the carcinogenic effects of radiation are known. Mueller did the work.
In 1946, H.J.Mueller got the Nobel Prize in Medicine.
He was into Eugenics.
However, this research was part of eugenics. An unethical form of science.
1927 the ICRP was founded. 1945 the bombs were dropped over Hiroshima & Nagsaki.
The T65D study serves for all dose limits we have today. No matter external or internal.
Cancer research was not interesting enough. Mainly acute radiation sickness.

The US FDA allows high irradiated food to be sold to everyone, adults, children, fetus, infants. Doesn't matter.

A normal reactor releases 37 billion becquerel of Iodine 131 each second. Full decay time 2,7 months.
Plus: 1,85 million becquerel of radio gases each seconds.

And now comes the tricky part (listen carefully Dr. len):

- Radionuclides

- produced by every reactor – released by every reactor chminey

- collected by every soil – collected by every food – eaten by every animal and human

- collected in every organism, every organ, fetus – collecting, collecting, collecting,

with every gram of food.


It’s not air, it’s not natural radiation. It’s in food (70 – 90 %)

Short half lifes have no meaning.

Permanent radionuclide supplies in small quantities, summing up over years and decades. In our children.

Latency. Full effect in each generation. During each generation, at least one radiation shock (Chernobyl, Fukushima).

Thus, new generations always have lower tolerance for radiation and simple infections, disease, they become more mortal. The purpose of procreation to produce healthier offspring disappears.

Soon, the tolerance is so low that the normal natural radiation is sufficient enough to destroy more and more of the generations.

>> Tritium mimics hydrogen (body cells) – natural tritium increased by reactor tritium millions of times.

>> Radio-Cesium mimics potassium (heart) – radionuclid did not exist before atomic age.

>> Radio-Strontium mimics calcium (bones) – radionuclid did not exist before atomic age.

>> Radio-Iodine mimics Iodine (thyroid gland -> brain of fetus) – radionuclid did not exist before atomic age.

Working for the destruction of mankind: IAEA, UNSCEAR, WHO, BEIR, NRC, ICRP, health ministries, reactor operators, regulatory authorities, with or without knowledge.

Now you are with.


new nutrition facts. Showing actual radionuclid content in becquerel for every food & drinks.

If we don't act quick, the situation will worsen very fast.

Former WHO employee Dr. Fernex says: "“For Cesium 134 – 137. “Dosimeters distributed to children should be replaced by whole body spectrometers periodically transported in schools for controls. This gives a measure of the Cs-137 load. If the values are above 20 Bq/kg bodyweight, pectin courses may be necessary, and the contaminated food must be replaced by absolutely clean food and clean drinks.”

Thank you for reading.


3/15/2012 2:20:59 PM #


Since this is non prescription, don't you think entrepreneurs would set up clinics to make this drug available, and make a lot of money? Guess it doesn't really work because  you don't need the pharmaceutical companies for distribution, and surely someone else would distribute it and make the fortune that you accuse pharmaceutical companies of making.


4/8/2012 6:27:23 PM #


Hello all,

I have lost several friends to Cancer and currently one of my daughter's friends who is 27 has been diagnosed.

Quite by chance, I happen to come across a book yesterday written by Hoxey, rather than the AMA or another powerful detractor.

The book was published in 1957 is 10% on how he cures cancer and 90% on explaining in huge detail the legal cases which Hoxey had to fight because he would not sign a document giving all the rights to the cure to those associated with the AMA for free. The AMA fought him with hundred of lawsuits and yet he continued to treat cancer for 30 years. Either the law is completely ineffective in the USA at preventing a con artist  from operating or, as Hoxey point's out,  the AMA failed to prove their case and lost 99% of the cases, primarily because hundreds of his recovered patients came forth as witnesses at trial. Eventually Hoxey exposed in court that the head of the AMA at the time  had never qualified as doctor and never practised medicine and had a personal vendetta against Hoxey for the reasons stated, that is why Hoxey accepted $2 as damages - he was not after the money, but he did not want his idea buried by those with a competitive reason to see it disappear.

I have never understood why clinical trails take years. As a project manager by trade, I would be fired if I did not finish the job on time, on budget and to the standards required, but medicine seems to be "special" and us mere mortals are not worthy to question why they take years and years to test something that has outcomes measured in months.

I read with interest on DCA and the theme begins to re-occur. We have a product that is virtually free when compared with current pharmaceutics, no profit then for Galaxo and the like, has virtually no side effects and has significant proven benefits. What do the FDA do ? put a ban on it. If you want to read about side effects, open a packet of regular medicine of any kind and you will see everything from nausea to vomiting and death mentioned as potential side effects.

A doctor in Australia found a cure for ulcers 15 years ago. He discovered that the bacteria Helicobacer Pilori was responsible for Ulcers which could be cured with a mixture of two out-of-patent anti-biotics for $5. I watched a documentary where this doctor's 100% success rate was hammered by the medical establishment who instead that patients should continue taking Xantac at $50 per month to calm the symptoms, rather than cure the ulcer. It took this doctor 10 years before it became mainstream in this part of the world. When I got my ulcer, I was prescribed Xantac and when I questioned why I was not being tested for Helicobacer, the doctor said that was something he could also arrange. The simple blood test proved positive, the $5 was spent on antibiotics and the Ulcer was gone in 4 weeks.

Why am I saying all this, well, having worked in a hospital, I see the power that doctors have and the I am sure that In America, they have the added concern of a gigantic legal system waiting to pounce on any step to the left or right of the approved medical path.  I see pharmaceutical companies that make billions, will spend money to protect shareholder value and of course they should, it is their job to.

What I am not seeing is urgent well-funded effort to reduce the cost of treatment where the alternatives are barbaric.

Radioactivity is one proven cause of cancer - the medical establishment use it to bombard cancer cells... Am I missing something here ?

Regular Chemo therapy weakens the body to near death in the hope that they will kill the cancer cells, have you seen the shape of someone taking chemo-therapy, one of my friends chose death rather than the side effects of Chemo.

The institutionalised treatment of cancer currently consists of Radio Therapy and Chemo Therapy. Why are we not questioning the medical and research establishments on their track record ?

I thought the doctor's oath began ..First, do no harm...

Well, If I had cancer today, I would immediately take something like DCA with known minimal, reversible side effects and think long and hard about bombarding myself with radiation or poisoning myself to near death on the off-chance that the cancer cells would die before I did.

Regards All


4/9/2012 1:34:07 AM #


I had just left my Doctor's practice and was in the carpark with a friend who was driving me home. I noticed a brand new Volkswagen Bug - you know the ones that have a bright sunflower positioned on the dash/consul. I commented to my friend how much I would have loved one of these little bugs. We walked over and glanced in the driver's window to oggle. I was suprised when someone tapped me on the shoulder, to turn around and come face to face with my doctor - keys in hand. I said 'It's georgous - is it yours?" She replied 'Yes". I then asked her is it great to drive?" Her answer was this. "It's beautiful isn't it. You know I won it - but don't tell anyone..." I immediately thought oh - some raffle ticket in a shopping centre. No. She answered. "I won it from a drug company - you know, but don't tell anyone."  I gasped and thought she was joking. My friend froze. We said goodbye and we both got into my friend's car. We sat in silence for a while, as we watched my doctor exit the carpark. Neither of us knew what to say. Drug companies? Medical profession? So much money...


4/10/2012 12:21:25 AM #


this is all interesting reading...don't you think Steve Jobs (i-phone man) would have tried this?? or even have set up trials - he had so much money and why wouldn't he want to add 'cancer curer' to his list of achievements??
I know if i had money i would be buying up big on DCA, get my 'patients' to sign a waiver saying if they die from teh treatement or have any other side effects from the treatment they can not sue whatso ever as it's their choice and they know i'm not a medical professional, and then start dosing them and using their normal doctors to order the scans to track the progress of each persons tumor...god give me money and you'll see i'll do it.  my dad was just diagnosed with stomach cancer...so far it doesn't look good, but he wants to try the DCA.


4/13/2012 4:57:43 PM #


My sister was recently diagnosed with IV lung cancer and the lack of compassionate, caring professionals in our area is embarrassing.  We live in Central NJ and have had an awful time getting information.  The oncologist doesn't talk to anyone else.  I asked him about DCA, the first thing he did was spin around on his doctors chair make a few clicks on his computer and said, nothing in here about it and I never heard of it. Didn't inquire about what it was or offer to look into anything regarding it.

He also stated (which is why we are looking for another oncologist) - "It doesn't matter what chemo drug I give you, I get paid either way"

Is this the person that should be helping (used loosely) cancer patients??????????

If DCA works and is inexpensive - I am all for it!  Between Apricot Kernels, DCA, Immune Boosting Foods, Supplements, anything.....it's your life.  If you do not stick up for yourself and research and are with nothing else the medical community can offer - HELL YES, give me DCA or anything that might give me a fighting chance!


4/14/2012 6:58:24 AM #


Do everything you possibly can to find out about DCA. Oncologists will never consider anything outside their regime of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. It absolutely astounds me that oncologists aren't even interested in finding out about it at all. In fact they dismiss any breakthroughs, almost with disdain.You know what I think? I think they do know about it. I think they know a lot more than they let on. A discovery of this type would herald a disaster for their profession. What would they do if the cure for cancer came from a non-profitable substance?? They'd be changing their speciality that's for sure.  Ignorant professionals happy to sit on their substantial pile of gold coins and let people die. Pursue everything you can for your sister (as I will do for my sister). Do not let anyone dictate to you anything when it is your sisters' life that is on the line. I am sick of it, and I am personally going to do everything I can to put DCA out there so the world starts seeing the drug profession and the FDA for what it really is. It is obvious these idiots haven't come up with anything in the last fifty years. Chemotherapy is nothing but toxic poison. It is an almost medieval treatment  and should have been banned years ago. The human body is an incredibly intelligent and resillient  thing. If treated correctly, its ability to heal itself is astounding. The treatment for cancer could very well be something that is in essence, very simple. The science behind DCA makes a hell of a lot of sense to me. Change will only happen when people join together and as a whole become a loud voice. The drug companies will only move when the money dries up, and like DCA it can't be patented for their greedy coffers. In fact, with the internet, DCA could go viral overnight. And, if the drug companies aren't interested in financing clinical trials, maybe donations to the research people at Alberta University would do it. Imagine if millions of people donated a small amount for clinical trials of DCA.   Imagine what could happen.   Imagine a cure for cancer ...


4/15/2012 1:26:18 PM #


To underline the importance of research about cancer metabolism, that involves also the DCA, I add a link to James D. Watson (Nobel Prize) article on  NYT:  "we may have to turn our main research focus away from decoding the genetic instructions behind cancer and toward understanding the chemical reactions within cancer cells." (www.nytimes.com/.../06watson.html?pagewanted=all) and to Science (sciencecareers.sciencemag.org/.../...pms.r1100102) .
I think we need an urgent research about the four PDK isoenzymes: which Laboratory or University is doing that?
"Thus, although DCA inhibits growth of a variety of cancer cells, the effect and the underlying mechanisms seem to be cell-type dependent. A likely explanation for these differential effects could be the difference in expression of the PDK isoenzymes in the cancer cells examined. Dichloroacetate is a non-specific inhibitor of PDK (Whitehouse and Randle, 1973), and has a different Ki for each of the four PDK isoenzymes (Bowker-Kinley et al, 1998). In addition, the four PDK isoenzymes are known to be differentially expressed in various tissues. Thus, there is a need to develop inhibitors to the individual PDK isoenzymes that should allow cancer cell-type-specific metabolic manipulation." (Dichloroacetate induces apoptosis and cell-cycle arrest in colorectal cancer cells. , www.nature.com/.../6605701a.html )


4/16/2012 7:14:51 PM #


Thank you for your comments Danilo, I will read the links you have given me in order to get a better understanding of what you are saying. I'm wondering whether the researchers at Alberta University are pursuing a more specific breakdown of the four PDK isoenzymes and their individual expressions within different tissues. Fascinating.


5/28/2012 10:47:11 AM #


The problem is that our system is currently set up to suppress cures for cancer and other diseases. I'm actually an IP lawyer and have looked into this for a long time. I'd appreciate if you'd hear me out. Here's a hypothetical situation which I'm sure a lot of academic researchers are familiar with. Say you are testing a random drug for anti-cancer properties and get some surprising results. You immediately publish those results (publish or perish, remember). You have just doomed the chance for that drug to get the estimated US$500 million - $1 billion in funding drug development and clinical trials it needs to get past FDA and EMA and legally into hospitals. As soon as you publish, noone can patent that drug as patents have an 'absolute novelty' requirement (the US will be removing its 1 year grace period in March 2013). But you know it works, so you might get a government grant - maybe fund a few trials. But nowhere near enough money. You cant go to investors because noone will fund a startup without patents. Why should they spend millions for no chance of return? They aren't stupid. The system is stupid. We are all stupid for complaining why there isn't a cure for cancer when the system guarantees that once a cure is published it can never be funded. The cure is probably out there, in some publication, and Big Pharma wont touch it. If they tried to get a patent on some 'improvement' to the protocol (as long as it was non-obvious), a generic company could make the drug based on the fact the publication has placed it in the public domain. So the reality is that noone will touch it, even if they know it works. This isn't just for cancer, its for all diseases. The costs of drug development and getting regulatory approval mean those cures are lost forever. But there's such an elegant solution, so I'm surprised it hasn't been raised previously. Remember the Ansari X-prize in 2004 for $10m - first group to build a commercial spacecraft to fly into space and repeat within 2 weeks. Companies spent $100m competing for the prize. Now we have Virgin Galactic. The same principle can work for medical research. Say a prize fund of US$10 billion for the first group/person to complete 20 clinical trials with a treatment protocol that cures XYZ disease. Anyone could apply and patents would be irrelevant. Any published research would have a chance to get funding from investors, as long as they could convince them they had a chance of getting the prize. The bigger the prize the more incentive in place. The current system doesn't create incentives to research cures which are in the public domain. This idea needs to be shared. The system already suppresses the cures. Suppose DCA is actually the cure (or could potentially be, with another US$500 million in research) - without a patent it is dead in the water and lost to society. There are probably millions of drugs like this which will never be researched for the same reason. I'm serious about promoting this idea so let me know if you support it. If prizes can work for tech why not medicine?


6/22/2012 1:59:28 AM #


Well the Hype over DCA is interesting and reminds me of the hype over a natural remedy from the 1920's that has been tested InVitro and shown with Great effect that it does indeed stop cancer Cell Growth. The Medical profession will not acknowldege its existence as the 4 herbs used in the brewing of the tea are so freely available. The tea of which i speak is Essiac. In Australia the tea is banned from sale even the pre-mixed herb sachets are banned (something abut risk of Dutch elm Disease) yet the individual herbs themselves are freely available at most health food stores and herbologists.
My cat (male nuetured tabby short hair) was diagnosed over 9 months ago with agressive secondary lung cancer (he was 14 months old at the time) The Vet gave him at most a 2 - 4 months, but said the cancer is very aggressive and will likely kill him in a few weeks. I immediately sarted brewing Essiac for the Cat and dosing his food and water. I am pleased to say the cat is still with us, still running around for his food jumping on the kitchen counters and chasing our elderly citizen of a dog. Although i doubt i have 100% stopped his lung cancer it appears that i have slowed its progression. Unfortunately once damage occurs in the cats lungs it will never completely heal. Cancer destroys tissues that it grows on. His breathing is particuarly raspy at times and is being managed with doses of Prednisolone 5 - 15mg a day depending how raspy his breathing is.

My father was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer (due to smoking) I immediately gave him Essiac. However he was told to stop taking it whilst undergoing Chemo. This has caused the cancer to spreah to his lungs and Brain. the doctors have said they can do no more.. so i put him back on essiac..He is feeling healthier and is in brighter spirits. Blood test have come back clear of cancer cells and it has the doctors perplexed. His doctor told us whatever we are doing to keep doing it however she could not authorise the nurses to mix up his Essiac Tea. So i go in every night and mix him up a jug.originally they gave him 2 months. they then revised this to 12 months and again revised to 24 months.

I am willing to try DCA both for my father and my Cat and see if it can indeed reverse cancer cell growth when used in conjunction with Essiac tea.. would be an interesting study. Any hope, even false hope is better than no hope. More so for the Patient than anyone..  The mind is a powerful tool.. and the body will do what the mind believes. People can will themselves to die or will themselves to cure any ailment.


6/23/2012 4:52:08 AM #


My father got diagnos of prostate cancer at 2009. From those period there was a remission for 3 months thanks to irradiation, hormontherapy, then relapse occurred and PSA was up to 200. Then he has chemotherapy but also without stabilizing of the desease. Then he participated at experimental clinical trials drug and it seems he got placebo unfortunately so for 4 month without any treatment he became very bad now. Of course we can wait when FDA would approved new drugs like alpharadin for example but all of us  can understand that these drugs could only prolong life but not treat the desease. So we are going to talk with doctor to try use DCA, maybe it would help us stabilize desease (I'm not talking about cure). I'm afraid that doctor would refuse my proposal but I will try to find another doctor.
One thing which is worry me is that doctors are using FDA drugs but even these drugs with billions of investments could not help, it is very strange, I cannot understand. And ethic of clinical trials for patients with cancer is missing at all.
Appreciate for any help and advices regarding DCA.

Thanks in advance


6/23/2012 10:18:15 AM #


For DCA info you may visit www.thedcasite.com.
I add recent news about DCA:
"(...)So where does DCA sit now, five years after the original excitement? Stalled, due to lack of interest, according to Dr. Michelakis. "We have not initiated another clinical trial with DCA in cancer," he told me in an email this week, "It was my hope that other centres, independent of us, will be inspired to do similar trials, but I have not seen any signs that this is the case."

"I am also disappointed that other investigators have not been interested to test this drug with proper trials on their patients," he added, "but I understand that without funding (although DCA itself is very cheap) this is very difficult. As I had said in the beginning of this work, taking a generic drug to patients with a deadly disease is as difficult a task as one can imagine in modern medicine, and it requires many people to participate and push the agenda. One person in one centre cannot do it."

But he has not abandoned research on DCA. Just this week, he has had another paper published in the Journal Oncology, online ahead of print. The paper describes another discovery about DCA, that suggests it can inhibit angiogenesis, (the development of blood vessels), and possibly cut off a tumor’s blood supply, a goal of drugs like Avastin, that have so far failed to live up to their early, and much publicized, promise (...)"


The new Michelakis study title is "Mitochondrial activation by inhibition of PDKII suppresses HIF1a signaling and angiogenesis in cancer" (www.nature.com/.../onc2012198a.html)


7/28/2012 5:08:13 PM #


Last May 2012 Michelakis’ study (“Mitochondrial activation by inhibition of PDKII suppresses HIF1a signaling and angiogenesis in cancer” , www.nature.com/.../onc2012198a.html ) mentions DCA-Vidaza increased therapeutic efficacy: “Another mechanism of potential resistance maybe the recently reported decrease of the DCA transporter SLC5A8, via methylation, is cancer tissues.75 Babu et al. reversed this by increasing the expression of SLC5A8 with the DNA
methylation inhibitor 50-Azadc, potentiating the anticancer effects of DCA.”

In fact the referred Babu et al. document (“Role of SLC5A8, a plasma membrane transporter and a tumor suppressor, in the antitumor activity of dichloroacetate” , www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/.../?tool=pubmed ) reports: “The findings that dichloroacetate induces cell death selectively in tumor cells at low concentrations but only if SLC5A8 is expressed have clinical and therapeutic significance. The ability of dichloroacetate to activate PDC via inhibition of PDK in cancer cells provides a mechanistically rational basis for the antitumor activity of the compound. But cancer cells are resistant to the drug because of the absence of an effective transporter for the drug, necessitating requirement of high concentrations of the compound to induce cell death, which unfortunately causes detrimental side effects such as neuropathy. We have demonstrated in the present study that SLC5A8 serves as an active transporter for dichloroacetate. However, since the expression of the transporter is silenced in tumor cells, how can the present findings be relevant to the potential therapeutic use of the drug? The silencing of SLC5A8 in cancer cells occurs via epigenetic mechanisms involving DNA methylation; treatment of cancer cells with 5′-azacytidine, an inhibitor of DNA methylation, re-activates the expression of the gene (Li et al., 2003; Ueno et al., 2004; Hong et al., 2005; Porra et al., 2005; Thangaraju et al., 2006; Park et al., 2007, 2008). DNA methylation plays a critical role in silencing tumor suppressor genes in a variety of cancers, and DNA methylation inhibitors hold promise as anticancer drugs (Baylin, 2005). Two compounds with DNA methylation inhibition activity are in clinical use for treatment of hematologic malignancies. These are 5′-aza-2′-deoxycytidine, also known as decitabine (trade name, Dacogen) and 5′-azacytidine (trade name, Vidaza). In vitro studies have shown that treatment of a variety of cancer cell lines with these compounds re-activates the expression of SLC5A8. We speculate that the same phenomenon would also occur in vivo. Therefore, a combination of a DNA methylation inhibitor and dichloroacetate is likely to be effective for treatment of cancer because the DNA methylation inhibitor would induce the expression of SLC5A8 in tumors, which would then effectively transport dichloroacetate into tumor cells to elicit its antitumor activity. This mode of treatment would reduce considerably the concentration of dichloroacetate necessary for in vivo efficacy as an anticancer agent, thus potentially providing tumor selectivity and also avoiding the detrimental side effects such as neuropathy. The findings of the present study provide a rational basis for such a combination therapy.”


7/29/2012 7:10:26 AM #


28/05/2012 10:47:11 #

Hello SK. I read your comments re: a prize for a cancer cure. I think it is so simple it's brilliant. I get the reasoning behind it and would love to hear more of your thoughts. Perhaps forming a group that considers this concept with proposals outlining the possibility of actually doing it.
I am so sick of talking about the hopelessness of ever breaking this cycle that Pharma have created. Nothing will ever change unless you come at it from a totally different angle. We can sit here and share heart ache or we can sit up and do something about this wretched mess. The multi billion dollar drug industry is essentially driven by greed. If you can accept that that is the case, then it only follows that the incentive of money could very well crack it wide open. If anyone reading this blog can go to SK's comments reference above, please consider this alternative, no matter how far fetched it may seem. It could possibly very well be the answer.



8/9/2012 4:20:12 AM #


I believe we need extended and deep clinical trials of DCA to find out its best therapeutic efficacy. In case DCA-Vidaza_like (DNMT inhibitors) combination works fine since SLC5A8 gene (DCA transporter to the cells) is activated again, might it happen that other bad genes (e.g., oncogenes) could also be activated again?

As another issue, even if I’m not an expert about, it sounds quite surprising the results of a previously cited study (“Sodium dichloroacetate selectively targets cells with defects in the mitochondrial ETC.” , http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20533281 ): it refers to in vitro and in vivo cell lines research of DCA, not in a whole organism/humans, but in my opinion that should make even more urgent DCA clinical trials: “In this study, we undertook a retrospective of DCA in vitro activity to verify and extend previously reported mechanistic
data.19 We conclude that (i) DCA is relatively inactive in vitro and inhibits cell viability with an IC50 similar to that observed with sodium pyruvate and sodium acetate, (ii) the anti-cancer activity is not selective as DCA displays similar activity toward normal cells, (iii) growth suppression generally occurs without apoptosis induction, (iv) DCA depolarizes mitochondria of both normal and tumor cells, and (v) the potassium transporter Kv1.5 has less overall involvement. However, DCA showed increased activity against cells with mitochondrial defects and effectively synergized with agents known to target mitochondria or interfere with glucose metabolism. These data suggest that clinical evaluation of DCA may benefit from selecting patient populations or combination regimes in accordance with the mechanism described here.”


11/22/2012 6:34:07 AM #


Dear Dr len,

My sis is suffering from cancer & has lost her ability to recognise people & objects. Doctors have lost hope & say her whole body is affected including the brain. In such cases can we administer her DCA ..
Her position is very bad & we are trying to fight it out. your timely help is needed. We are from India & you could contact me through the mail.
Thank you


12/2/2012 12:25:37 PM #


This Doc is in beds with Big Pharma. Period.


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