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Coming in December 2014: The Cancer Atlas, Second Edition

The cancer landscape is changing. Here comes your new roadmap.

Since the publication of the first Cancer Atlas in 2006, the cancer epidemic has shifted. Developing countries are showing increases in diagnosed breast and lung cancers while deaths due to some cancers are decreasing; new treatments and other interventions such as HPV vaccines have been brought to bear; tobacco use has accelerated globally; some governments are facing the cancer epidemic head-on while others are unable to do so. In 2014, continuing and escalating the global fight against cancer will demand new tools and the latest information.

The all-new Cancer Atlas, Second Edition provides a vital tool for the cancer community. This compelling volume aims to increase knowledge, provide a reliable basis for evidence-based decision making, and inspire united action and partnerships against the cancer epidemic.

The Cancer Atlas illustrates the latest available data and trends on the cancer epidemic, showing the prevalence of major risk factors, stages of development, and rates of different types of cancers by gender, income group, and region. Accessible for the layman but detailed enough for the expert, it examines the costs of the disease, both in terms of health care and commercial interests, and highlights the steps being taken to curb the epidemic, from research and screening to cancer control programs and health education. Full-color graphics present fully-sourced data in a clear, accessible format.

All new for 2014

  • Updated, based on the newly-released GLOBOCAN 2012 data
  • Redesigned for greater impact
  • Accompanying Web site with full graphics available for PDF download
  • Editors: Ahmedin Jemal, Paolo Vineis, Freddie Bray, Lindsey Torre, David Forman
  • Launching December 2014 at the UICC World Cancer Congress