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Tanzania Media Summit

The American Cancer Society held a media summit for African journalists in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in November 2009, prior to the start of the AORTIC cancer conference there. There were lively discussions at the summit between African journalists and nongovernmental organization (NGO) representatives on barriers to cancer coverage and potential solutions in Africa. In the course of the discussion, the 24 journalists and 34 NGO representatives identified particular cancer myths that contribute to the barriers in cancer awareness in Africa. They also proposed solutions to debunking these myths, including strengthening relationships between journalists and NGOs so that journalists have access to credible and accurate information, and humanizing stories on cancer and destigmatizing the disease by profiling survivors. The discussion was followed by a graduation lunch for all workshop participants, where they were joined by Jean-Baptiste Tapko, MD, the World Health Organization’s country representative for Tanzania. The Tanzania media summit was generously supported by Oracle, the Canadian Cancer Society, and AORTIC.