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Global Initiatives by Region

The American Cancer Society works with partners in regions outside of sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, such as Southeast Asia, on cancer and tobacco control programs. Please see below a brief description of our work on tobacco control in Vietnam. 

Tobacco Control Initiatives in Vietnam

In October 2008, the American Cancer Society was awarded a two-year grant by Atlantic Philanthropies to fight the tobacco burden in Vietnam. The Society has teamed up with the Vietnam Committee on Smoking and Health (VINACOSH) to develop a national tobacco control media advocacy strategy and build strategic partnerships with community-based groups, the business sector, and the donor community. The project provides the tools to implement tobacco policies in Vietnam and increase the capacity and coordination of the public health community to respond to the burden of tobacco death and disease in Vietnam. Two training workshops for journalists on cancer and tobacco reporting issues have been held by ACS with VINACOSH in Vietnam in 2009 and 2010.

For more information on tobacco control initiatives in Vietnam, please contact Tuyet Ha-Iaconis at tuyet.ha-iaconis@cancer.org.