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ACS Global Tobacco Control Collaborations

The American Cancer Society has a long history of involvement with the global tobacco control movement.  Today, we have key partnerships with several organizations to continue the collaborative efforts to fight tobacco. 


  • Global Smokefree Partnership

For over 4 years, the American Cancer Society has been a partner of the Global Smokefree Partnership, a multi-partner initiative formed to promote effective smokefree air policies worldwide. The Partnership helps practitioners and advocates access evidence for smokefree policies, request assistance from a network of experts, and take action in support of smokefree policies. The Global Smokefree Partnership has over 300 members in over 100 countries worldwide. In 2008, the Partnership unveiled “Smokefree in a Box,” a highly successful guide to help companies design and implement a 100 percent smokefree workplace. For more information on the Global Smokefree Partnership, please visit www.globalsmokefreepartnership.org.


  • Global Bridges – Health Care Alliance for Tobacco Dependence Treatment

Global Bridges is a worldwide science-based initiative created with the aim of uniting health care providers in their efforts to treat tobacco dependence while advocating for effective tobacco control policies. This collaborative partnership between the Mayo Clinic and the Society brings together health care providers with complementary expertise to build awareness about the harms of tobacco use, enhance access to proven treatment methods, adapt to regional needs, and increase the pace of skill development throughout each of the World Health Organization’s six regions.


  • Past Collaborations

Beginning in 2000, the Society collaborated with the International Union Against Cancer to offer a Tobacco Control Fellowship Program, as well as Seed Grants to support the participation of tobacco control leaders from low- and middle-income countries in the World Health Conference on Tobacco or Health.  After the adoption by the World Health Assembly of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in 2003, the Society partnered with Cancer Research UK and the International Union Against Cancer to launch the Global Advocacy for the FCTC grants initiative. This grant program aimed to support tobacco control advocates and their campaigns in favor of ratification and implementation of the FCTC in their respective countries.  By 2009, the FCTC grants program had funded 67 grants to 46 organizations in 38 countries, where grantees have led successful campaigns for ratification and implementation of the FCTC.

The Society has developed key partnerships with various organizations in countries to develop and implement global initiatives, such as the “Travaillons sans fumée” or “Smoke-free at Work” Initiative in North Africa, the Africa Tobacco Control Regional Initiative, and the tobacco control media advocacy strategy with the Vietnam Committee on Smoking and Health. In 2008, the Society worked with the China Ministry of Health and Chinese Center for Disease Control to support a smokefree Beijing Olympics.