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About the Trish Greene Quality of Life Award

Trish Greene Quality of Life Award

This award honors the life and work of the late Patricia (Trish) Greene, RN, PhD. Dr. Greene served in a variety of roles as a volunteer and professional staff member during her 20 year association with the Society.

As progress in the detection and treatment of cancer prolonged lives and increased the number of cancer survivors answers became needed to address the special health and psychosocial needs of this group and quality of life research became an emerging field of investigation. Trish Greene was an early pioneer who recognized the future implications of innovative treatment models to provide the best care.

Among Dr. Greene’s many accomplishments was the launching of Cancer Practice, the American Cancer Society journal dedicated to promoting excellence and compassion in cancer care, with an emphasis on a multidisciplinary team approach.

Through the Trish Greene Quality of Life Award, the American Cancer Society honors Dr. Greene’s memory and recognizes the importance of those who have devoted a significant portion of their careers to the various areas of quality of life, and have accomplished outstanding research that benefits cancer patients and their families. 

Originally presented for the best quality of life manuscript published in the Cancer Practice journal, as research on quality of life became a field in its own right, the award has evolved to recognize a research investigator's body of work.