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Fall 2013 NewsBrief

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The CEOs Against Cancer NewsBrief is a quarterly e-newsletter sent to all CEO members to gain insight and understanding around their work with the American Cancer Society and best practices from other CEOs and CEO Chapters around the country.

To subscribe to the NewsBrief contact Detra Oliver at Detra.Oliver@cancer.org.

Social Innovation Drives Profits - Jason Saul
Retail giant Walmart fights hunger and improves health services in underserved communities, and boosts business in the process. 

Maximize Muscle - Chicago's Discovery Ball
Chicago’s Discovery Ball event taps into the power that engaged CEOs, their spouses, and their colleagues generate.

Check out the 2013 CEOs National Meeting Video Highlights
This video provides an inside perspective to the 2013 national meeting and highlights why CEOs say they’re involved in the program and why they make this national meeting a priority.

Save the Date for the 2014 CEOs Against Cancer National Meeting
The next American Cancer Society CEOs Against Cancer National Meeting will be held June 17-18, 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri.

New CEOs Against Cancer Senior Directors
We’d like to take a moment to introduce several new senior directors of partner relationships, our staff leads for the CEOs Against Cancer® program. All of them look forward to meeting with you and working together to help finish the fight against cancer faster!

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