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CEOs Are Leading the Way to a Healthier World

Craig Duchossois CEO of Duchossois Industries

CEOs have a reputation for being visionaries and thought leaders, but health leaders? Not usually. The 6.5 million employees whose chief executives are participating in the American Cancer Society CEOs Against Cancer program, however, may tell a different story. That's because you have committed to make an impact on cancer nationally and globally - starting with your own employees.

Craig Duchossois, CEO of Duchossois Industries, says he was intrigued when the American Cancer Society first approached him eight years ago about the opportunity to take his company's wellness program to the next level. "CEOs Against Cancer fit right into the corporate wellness program we've had for many years," he says. "As a matter of fact, it is a wonderful additional resource to our program."

Through a successful smoking cessation program, lifesaving health reminders, and direct access to the American Cancer Society for employees’ cancer-related questions and concerns, he says he has been impressed with the "outstanding resources" the program has provided over the years. "I really look at it as a partnership that our company has been able to form with the Society" he says.

In seeking to create a healthier workplace by incorporating a smoking cessation program, his company had struggled with finding "the right fit" - until he partnered with the American Cancer Society. "The Society brought a program template to us" he says. "We probably process three to five employees a year with a very good success rate."

Duchossois is also dedicated to engaging his employees in community events to fight back against cancer by participating in American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events. "A number of our employees have been touched by cancer."

Duchossois has also recruited more than a dozen other CEOs to join the CEOs Against Cancer program during the past eight years, stressing the responsibility of corporate leaders to "walk the talk" in promoting employee wellness. "I think the whole concept and idea behind CEOs Against Cancer is absolutely brilliant" he says. "I do believe that a corporate culture begins at the top"