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Corporate Impact Award: Excellence in Employee Giving

The Corporate Impact Award: Excellence in Employee Giving honors a company that provides their employees with the opportunity to support the American Cancer Society’s mission through a Society-supported employee giving campaign. The award recipient creates an impactful campaign that embodies a variety of best practices, including branding the campaign, expanding employee giving options, integrating employee and leadership involvement, and, recognizing donors and volunteers.

Toyota Motor Sales, USA is the recipient of the 2011 Corporate Impact Award: Excellence in Employee Giving.

Japanese automaker Toyota has enjoyed a United States operational base (Torrance, California) for more than 50 years and ranks as one of the country’s leading sellers of cars. Toyota Motor Sales, USA is being honored for providing its employees the opportunity to support the American Cancer Society’s lifesaving mission through an employee giving campaign that embodies best practices, varied employee giving options, and recognition of donors and volunteers.

In 2010, Toyota Motor Sales, USA’s nationwide employee giving campaign raised a company record-$3.1 million for strategically highlighted charities, which included the American Cancer Society. The company, which saw employee participation reach a record-61 percent last year has also seen the number of contributing employees increase every year since the program’s inception.

Through the company’s 50 percent matching gift initiative, Toyota Motor Sales, USA and its employees contributed more than $500,000 to the American Cancer Society in 2010.

Toyota Motor Sales USA’s employee giving program features a comprehensive online component; rotates annual campaign leadership to increase employee engagement and energy; employs creative department and division activities to enliven the campaign; recognizes leading employee contributors; hosts on-site donation kiosks, where employees learn more about the highlighted charities’ work; encourages American Cancer Society-engaged cancer survivors to interact with employees about the Society’s ongoing mission; and regularly communicates messaging about the company’s strategic choice giving campaigns.