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New CEOs Against Cancer Senior Directors

As part of the Society’s transformational efforts to take a disciplined approach to prioritize our strategies, to save the most lives and help the most people, we are moving to a staffing model that is, for the first time, consistent across the enterprise. This structure will allow us to work more seamlessly across the organization to serve our customers, make the most of national and global partnerships, and make the greatest impact.

The new model is based on better serving our constituents at the Division level in three distinct areas: community, corporations, and health care. We will be targeting our work based on the demands of each of these constituencies, with staff continuing to be based in local Society offices.

We’d like to take a moment to introduce several new senior directors of partner relationships, our staff leads for the CEOs Against Cancer® program. All of them look forward to meeting with you and working together to help finish the fight against cancer faster!

Thank you for your continued support of these leaders and this priority program.

New CEOs Against Cancer Senior Directors
Arizona Chapter: Linda Houser-Zenonian, linda.houser@cancer.org, 602/952-7536
California Chapter: Jennifer Sobotka, jennifer.sobotka@cancer.org, 619/682-7471
Colorado Chapter: Karen Hill,karen.hill@cancer.org,720/524-5434
Florida Chapter: Kim Staczek,kim.staczek@cancer.org, 813/319-5901
Georgia Chapter: Rachel Vassel,rachel.vassel@cancer.org, 404/949-6416
Illinois Chapter: JoAnn Salerno, joann.salerno@cancer.org, 630/932-1141
Kentucky Chapter: Dennis P. Adams, dennis.adams@cancer.org, 337/793-1370
Maryland Chapter: Tina Zeff, tina.zeff@cancer.org, 410/933-5144
Minnesota Chapter: Kim Bailey, kim.bailey@cancer.org, 651/255-8162
Missouri Chapter: Jason McClelland, jason.mcclelland@cancer.org, 314/286-8157
Nevada Chapter: Julia DeFehr, julia.defehr@cancer.org, 702/891-9024
New England Chapter: Mary Davis, mary.davis@cancer.org, 508/270-4690
New Jersey Chapter: David Reis, david.reis@cancer.org, 212/492-8406
New York Chapter: Anthony Marino, anthony.marino@cancer.org, 518/220-6939
Pennsylvania Chapter: Jennifer Lombardo, jennifer.lombardo@cancer.org, 215/985-5367
Tennessee Chapter: Clint Cummins, clint.cummins@cancer.org, 901/729-3582
Texas Chapter (Gulf Coast): Ledner Cunningham, ledner.cunningham@cancer.org, 713/706-5654
Texas Chapter (North Texas): Christi Erickson, christi.erickson@cancer.org, 214/819-1217
Washington State Chapter: Becca McMillan, becca.mcmillan@cancer.org, 206/674-4145
Wisconsin Chapter: MaryAnn Raash, maryann.raash@cancer.org, 262/523-5556