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Pfizer, Inc.

Working together in several regions of the world, the American Cancer Society and the Pfizer Foundation are helping to save lives and make a sizable impact on the global cancer burden.

The American Cancer Society has received $1,616,280 in grant money from the Pfizer Foundation for regional cancer and tobacco control programs in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and North Africa.

In Latin America, Pfizer awarded the Society $875,000 for our early detection and capacity building programs. a grant will enable the Society to build a survivor movement around cancer and publically recognize unique cancer work being conducted by NGOs throughout the region.

By providing an additional $725,000 in grant money, the Pfizer Foundation has also assisted the Society with broad-based capacity building and tobacco control projects in Southeast Asia and North Africa to improve access to – and utilization of – cancer control services and to promote civil society-based information and advocacy movements. The program has also engaged several cancer control organizations from Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Finally, a $16,280 Pfizer Foundation grant made it possible for several Algerian NGOs to participate in an American Cancer Society University and cancer planning forum in Geneva, Switzerland.

Pfizer, Inc. Corporate Impact Award winner