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In an effort to increase the impact of breast cancer civil society in Brazil, Roche Pharmaceuticals has funded Brazil Breast Cancer Action. The comprehensive breast cancer program will raise awareness of the disease through patient-led and evidence-based state and national awareness campaigns. As a result, the cancer survivor profile will be heightened, and there will be more focus on the subject.

In addition, a Breast Cancer Survivor Network will be created, which will help de-stigmatize the disease and provide patient empowerment. Breast cancer information will also be disseminated through a model drawn from the experience of Mexico’s cancer patient navigation program.

To help educate the public about breast cancer, the program includes a media capacity building component so the media can properly address the issue in their reporting. The American Cancer Society will also leverage their contacts to bring together cancer leaders and policy makers with the nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to engage in a multi-sectoral approach to breast cancer planning. Expert resource mobilization organizations/leaders will also be brought in to share best practices with NGOs and to strengthen the concerted efforts in setting the breast cancer agenda.

Brazil Breast Cancer Action will be closely evaluated and results published with a view to informing future civil society strengthening efforts in the region.