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Example 1:
Bunny's deep faith and unwavering belief in the potential for growth at the end of life have brought comfort to countless families facing the final stages of cancer. One family member of a patient in Bunny's care put it this way: "She was a shoulder to lean on, an oracle of information, and the crutch we needed." She believes in maximizing the dignity of her patients—patients who often face terrible circumstances. Bunny's patients quickly form a bond of trust with her, thanks to her unique ability to lend an empathetic and experienced ear.

Example 2:
Monica designed a program to provide underserved women with a safe haven for information, support, and practical tips to ease the physical side effects of cancer treatment. With just a few volunteers, she has served 500 indigent cancer patients, primarily Hispanic and African American women. Monica is dedicated to making each woman at Helen's Room feel special. She exhibits a unique kindness, warmth, and compassion.

Example 3:
While caring for a mother facing terminal breast cancer, Jennifer watched the mother worry about being unable to contact her eight-year-old son's grandparents, whom she wanted to take care of him. Jennifer not only tracked down the grandparents, but also obtained legal counsel to secure emergency guardianship just before the mother died.

Example 4:
Once, when faced with a dying patient refusing to enter a hospice, Alice found herself counseling the family over the phone in an emergency session. The patient was dying at home and no one knew quite what to do. Alice provided comfort and strength to the family on one phone while calling a local hospice on another line. She stayed on the line with the grieving family until the hospice arrived.