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Read on to learn how the lack of access to quality, affordable health care can negatively impact people with cancer and their families.

Spending to Survive [PDF version, 2.08 MB]

A comprehensive report released by the American Cancer Society and the Kaiser Family Foundation in February 2009 that examines the holes in the health insurance system that cancer patients face even when they are insured.

Association of insurance status and ethnicity with cancer stage at diagnosis for 12 cancer sites: a retrospective analysis

This study of nearly 4 million cancer patients found that the uninsured are more likely than those with insurance to be diagnosed with cancer at its more advanced cancer stages, when it is more expensive to treat and more difficult to survive.

Patients Under Pressure 

A look at the status of cancer patients and their families during the recession, as reviewed by the American Cancer Society and the Kaiser Family Foundation in July 2009.

Editorial, Elmer Huerta, MD, MPH

Former American Cancer Society National President Elmer E. Huerta, MD, MPH, explains why access to care is a mission-critical issue for the American Cancer Society. 

Insurance and Cost-Related Barriers to Cancer Care [PDF version, 175 KB]

A special section of the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures 2008 that examines the financial barriers to treatment many cancer patients face.