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American Cancer Society CEO Defends Salary


This e-mail began appearing in January 2011 as an article on the self-described satire Web site Rumormiller.com. It has since been pasted into a chain e-mail and forwarded without informing readers that it was copied from Rumorniller.com and intended to be taken as satire. It purports to be a report from a press conference given by American Cancer Society chief executive officer John R. Seffrin, Ph. D., in which he uses an arrogant tone and offensive remarks to discuss the Society’s contributions to the fight against cancer and approach to fundraising.


No such press conference ever took place, and Dr. Seffrin never made any of the statements attributed to him. Rumor Miller’s About page states, “RumorMiller is NOT a news site. It's a site meant to be the source of crazy rumors.” This article and any e-mail based upon it are false and intended to be a joke.