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American Cancer Society 2014 Stewardship Report

The American Cancer Society may not be publicly traded, but it is publicly held. We believe the public is entitled to know how we are performing against our stated business goals and evidence-based mission outcomes, how we hold ourselves accountable, and how we ultimately measure success in the fight to save lives from cancer. At a time when donors and volunteers have more charitable choices than ever, the American Cancer Society understands its obligation to demonstrate overall effectiveness.
The American Cancer Society’s 2014 Stewardship Report represents the Society’s effort to document its broad, comprehensive program of work and to articulate measurable progress against established, evidence-based objectives. Each year the Society’s Stewardship Report is made available once our end of calendar year Financial Report is audited and certified. The 2015 Stewardship Report will be available shortly.
Charity boards and staff management, the donating public, watchdog groups, and state and federal regulators have been struggling to define common measures for nonprofit effectiveness, which would enable the independent sector to be held even more accountable for its use of charitable assets. In the nonprofit world, financial efficiency ratios – because of their simplicity, ease of calculation and presentation, and apparent comparability between nonprofits – have been the default metric. However, many nonprofit experts and watchdog groups have come to realize that simple formulaic comparisons do not adequately reflect the complexity of the sector and, while useful, do not provide a meaningful analysis of overall effectiveness.  
The hundreds of thousands of nonprofits in the U.S. perform vastly different roles from one another, employ different tactics to raise funds, and ultimately deliver on missions that make it difficult to evaluate them solely on comparable financial metrics. This Stewardship Report is intended to give the interested reader a more comprehensive view of the American Cancer Society and explain how we view the enterprise and measure its progress against mission. Our goal with this report is to provide a heightened level of transparency and accountability to our patrons, while helping deepen the understanding that key stakeholders have of a contemporary and relevant American Cancer Society.

VIEW the American Cancer Society 2014 Stewardship Report [PDF version, 6.96 MB]