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Asian Pacific Islander Cancer Education Materials Tool

Meet Our Contributors

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The Vietnamese Community Health Promotion Project (VCHPP), University of California, San Francisco, is also known in the Vietnamese community as the Suc Khoe La Vang! (Health Is Gold) Project. Since 1986, with the support of an active Community Advisory Board, VCHPP staff have worked to reduce the burden of cancer in the large and rapidly expanding population of Vietnamese Americans. In the past 19 years, VCHPP have conducted a variety of community-based needs assessment, educational outreach and intervention research projects targeting cancer in Vietnamese. We have studied the epidemiology of cancer and its risk factors and methods to promote primary prevention and early detection of cancer among Vietnamese in California, in the U.S., and even in Vietnam. To fund this work, we have received grant support from the California Department of Health Services, the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, the Northern California Cancer Center, the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, the Breast Cancer Research Program, and the Pacific Rim Program of the University of California. We have published more than 50 papers on cancer control, over half of them relating to Vietnamese. In 2000, we joined the Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness Research and Training (AANCART), a national network to address cancer prevention among all Asian Americans. VCHPP currently has active research programs in colorectal cancer prevention, liver cancer prevention, and clinical trials participation among Asian Americans. Through its research projects, VCHPP has developed Vietnamese and Vietnamese-English booklets, print materials, videos, and other promotional items that have been proven to be effective in educating and encouraging Vietnamese Americans to take care of their health. VCHPP has received numerous awards for its excellence in community-based health promotion and research, including the Department of Health and Human Services – USA recognizing achievment in “Closing the Health Gap” for being an exemplary HHS partner in closing the gap in racial and ethnic Health Disparities.” .

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Visit their website at www.suckhoelavang.org

In addition to the in-language materials available via the search tool above, cancer information for Asian and Pacific Islander communities may also be available through these related websites.