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Asian Pacific Islander Cancer Education Materials Tool

Meet Our Contributors

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Weaving an Islander Network for Cancer Awareness, Research and Training in Southern California (WINCART) is a consortium of community-based groups and interdisciplinary researchers, representing public health, community and health psychology, cancer epidemiology, preventive medicine, anthropology, health communication, and health policy with a common goal to reduce cancer disparities among Pacific Islander (PI) groups in Southern California. Community partners include Ainahau 'O Kaleponi, Guam Communications Network, Pacific Islander Health Partnership, Sons and Daughters of Guam Club, Samoan National Nurses Association, Tongan Community Service Center/Special Service for Groups, and Union of Pan-Asian Communities serving the Chamorro/Guamanian, Marshallese, Native Hawaiian, Samoan and Tongan communities of Southern California.



Visit their website at wincart.fullerton.edu/

In addition to the in-language materials available via the search tool above, cancer information for Asian and Pacific Islander communities may also be available through these related websites.