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More information from your American Cancer Society

We have a lot more information that you might find helpful. Explore www.cancer.org or call our National Cancer Information Center toll-free number, 1-800-227-2345. We’re here to help you any time, day or night.

Other national organizations and websites

Along with the American Cancer Society, other sources of information and support include:*

Urology Care Foundation
Toll-free number: 1-800-828-7866
Website: www.urologyhealth.org

    Information about bladder cancer and other cancers of the urological system. Some available in Spanish.

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN)
Website: www.bcan.org
Toll-free number: 1-888 901 2226

    Offers information on bladder cancer, dealing with diagnosis, resources for patients and families, online support group and a quarterly e-newsletter.

United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc. (UOAA)
Toll-free number: 1-800-826-0826
Website: www.ostomy.org

    A network of support groups committed to quality of life for people with ostomies; online support for teens and others, discussion boards, conferences.

International Ostomy Association
Website: www.ostomyinternational.org

    Dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with ostomies, offers help in forming new associations, lists regional associations on their website.

No matter who you are, we can help. Contact us anytime, day or night, for information and support. Call us at 1-800-227-2345 or visit www.cancer.org.

Last Medical Review: 01/26/2016
Last Revised: 05/23/2016