Bladder Cancer Overview

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Causes, Risk Factors, and Prevention TOPICS

Can bladder cancer be prevented?

At this time, there is no sure way to prevent bladder cancer. The best way to lower your risk is not to smoke. Smoking is believed to cause about half of bladder cancer cases among men and women.

It’s also important to follow good work safety habits if you work with chemicals called aromatic amines. They are commonly used by the makers of rubber, leather, printing materials, textiles, and paint products. They are also found in many hair dyes, so it is important for hairdressers and barbers who are often exposed to these products to use them safely. Most studies have not found that personal use of hair dyes increases bladder cancer risk. To learn more, see our document, Hair Dyes.

Some studies have found that drinking plenty of fluids (mainly water) may lower the risk of bladder cancer.

Some studies have suggested that a diet high in fruits and vegetables may help protect against bladder cancer, but other studies have not found this. Still, eating such a diet has been shown to have many health benefits, including lowering the risk of several other types of cancer.

Last Medical Review: 12/03/2012
Last Revised: 04/17/2014