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Research on bone cancer is now being done at many places across the nation. Several clinical trials are going on that focus on bone cancer.


Some clinical trials are looking into ways to combine surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy (chemo). Others are testing new chemo drugs.

Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy drugs work differently from standard chemo. These drugs target certain genes and proteins in cancer cells. Doctors are looking at whether adding targeted therapy drugs to regular chemo will help it work better.

The drug denosumab is used to treat osteoporosis and cancer that has spread to bone. A recent study showed that it may work well in treating giant cell tumors of bone that have spread or that cannot be removed with surgery. Studies of other targeted drugs are going on right now.


Some studies are looking at the best ways to give radiation to treat bone cancers. For instance, studies are being done to compare proton beam radiation with carbon ion radiation in treating chordomas and chondrosarcomas of the skull base.


Along with clinical trials, researchers are making progress in learning about the causes of bone cancers. It is hoped that more information about the DNA changes that cause bone cancer will lead to treatments aimed at these changes.

Last Medical Review: 12/05/2012
Last Revised: 01/24/2013