Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors in Adults

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What Is Brain/CNS Tumors In Adults? TOPICS

What are the key statistics about brain and spinal cord tumors?

The American Cancer Society’s estimates for brain and spinal cord tumors in the United States for 2015 include both adults and children.

  • About 22,850 malignant tumors of the brain or spinal cord (12,900 in males and 9,950 in females) will be diagnosed. These numbers would be much higher if benign tumors were also included.
  • About 15,320 people (8,940 males and 6,380 females) will die from brain and spinal cord tumors.

Overall, the chance that a person will develop a malignant tumor of the brain or spinal cord in his or her lifetime is less than 1% (about 1 in 140 for a man and 1 in 180 for a woman).

Survival rates for brain and spinal cord tumors vary widely, depending on the type of tumor. Survival rates for some of the more common types of brain and spinal cord tumors are discussed in the section “Survival rates for selected adult brain and spinal cord tumors.”

Last Medical Review: 03/05/2014
Last Revised: 01/07/2015