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At some point after your cancer is found and treated, you may find yourself in the office of a new doctor. It is important that you be able to give your new doctor the exact details of your diagnosis and treatment. Gathering these details soon after treatment may be easier than trying to get them at some point in the future. Make sure you have this information handy and always keep copies for yourself:

  • A copy of your pathology report from any biopsies or surgeries
  • If you had surgery, a copy of your operative report
  • If you were in the hospital, a copy of the discharge summary that the doctor prepared when you were sent home from the hospital
  • If you had radiation treatment, a copy of your treatment summary
  • If you had drug treatment (hormone therapy, chemotherapy, or targeted therapies), a list of your drugs, drug doses, and when you took them

Last Medical Review: 09/09/2014
Last Revised: 01/14/2016