Endometrial (Uterine) Cancer Overview

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Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Staging TOPICS

Finding endometrial cancer early

For women who have an average risk of endometrial cancer

At this time, no screening tests or exams are recommended to find endometrial cancer early in women who are at average endometrial cancer risk and who have no symptoms.

Women should tell their doctors about any abnormal vaginal discharge or bleeding, such as bleeding after menopause because it could be caused by endometrial cancer.

For women who have a higher risk of endometrial cancer

Women at high risk for this cancer should also see their doctor whenever they have any vaginal bleeding or discharge that is not normal.

The American Cancer Society recommends that women who have (or may have based on their personal and family history) HNPCC be offered yearly testing with an endometrial biopsy beginning at age 35. Their doctors should discuss this test with them, including its risks, benefits, and limits.

This topic is discussed in more detail in Endometrial Cancer.

Last Medical Review: 02/09/2015
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