Leukemia--Acute Myeloid (Myelogenous) Overview

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What Is Leukemia - Acute Myeloid (AML)? TOPICS

How many people get acute myeloid leukemia?

The American Cancer Society’s estimates for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cancer in the United States for 2014 are:

  • About 18,860 new cases of AML (most will be in adults)
  • About 10,460 deaths from AML (almost all will be in adults)

The average age of a patient with AML is about 66. AML is slightly more common among men than among women. The lifetime risk of getting AML for the average man is about 1 in 227. For the average woman the risk is about 1 in 278.

Last Medical Review: 06/27/2013
Last Revised: 02/07/2014