Childhood Leukemia

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Treating Leukemia in Children TOPICS

Treatment of children with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML)

JMML is fairly rare, so it has been hard to study, and there is no single best chemotherapy treatment for this leukemia. A stem cell transplant is the treatment of choice when possible, as it offers the best chance to cure JMML. About half of the children with JMML who get a stem cell transplant are still free of leukemia after several years. Sometimes, even if the leukemia recurs, a second stem cell transplant can be helpful.

Because JMML is hard to treat with current chemo drugs, taking part in a clinical trial looking at newer drugs may be a good option for children who can’t get a stem cell transplant.

Last Medical Review: 04/17/2015
Last Revised: 02/03/2016