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Some people with cancer may want to know the survival rates for their type of cancer. Others may not find the numbers helpful, or may even not want to know them. If you do not want to read about the survival statistics for mesothelioma, skip to the next section.

Mesothelioma is a serious disease. By the time the symptoms appear the disease is often advanced. No matter what the extent of the cancer, it can be very hard to treat.

The average survival times for people with mesothelioma have been between 4 and 18 months. But some people live much longer. Between 5% and 10% of people with mesothelioma live at least 5 years after their cancer is found. These numbers tend to be better for people diagnosed at a younger age.

As a rule, survival times are likely to be higher for people with mesotheliomas that can be operated on than for those with cancers that have spread widely.

While numbers provide an overall picture, keep in mind that every person is unique and that statistics can’t predict exactly what will happen in your case. Talk with your cancer care team if you have questions about your own chances of a cure, or how long you might survive your cancer. They know your case best.

Last Medical Review: 10/02/2012
Last Revised: 10/02/2012