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iPhone App Helps You Celebrate More Birthdays

Article date: March 18, 2010

Own an iPhone or iPod Touch device? The American Cancer Society, the Official Sponsor of Birthdays, has developed a free iPhone application that will make it easier for you to remember the birthdays of the people you care about.

How it works

The More Birthdays app shows you all the upcoming birthdays in your contact list. You can also import friends from your Facebook account. Like a calendar on an iPhone, you can set up "push alerts," so you don't have to be in the app to get updates about birthdays.


Not only does the app remind you of upcoming birthdays, it also lets you send customizable birthday greetings. Let your friends and loved ones know you remembered them on their special day with a digital cake and a birthday message.

Even when you aren’t sending birthday greetings, you can have fun with your own customized birthday cake. Select your favorite cake design and blow into your iPhone's microphone (or tap the screen on your iPod Touch) to blow out the candles!

“This app gives mobile users a fun and easy way to learn more about and support the Society’s movement to save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays,” says Scott Bennett, the American Cancer Society's national vice president of marketing.

How to get it

To get the free app, download it from the iTunes App Store. You can also join the application's Facebook fan page to provide feedback and remain updated on future releases.

And to learn more about how the American Cancer Society is trying to create a world with more birthdays, visit morebirthdays.com.

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