Osteosarcoma Overview

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After Treatment TOPICS

Impact of treatment for osteosarcoma

Most cases of osteosarcoma happen during the teen or young adult years. This is a very sensitive time in a person’s life. Having this disease can affect how a person looks and how they do some everyday tasks. This can have an impact on their school, work, and other daily activities. The impact is often greatest during the first year of treatment.

The treatment center should help address these issues as soon as possible. Some common concerns include costs, getting to the cancer center, and being able to go to work or school. If possible, children should attend school as much as they can. This helps them stay in touch with friends and gives them a chance to tell others what is going on.

While friends can be a great source of support, some people have wrong ideas or fears about cancer. Some cancer centers have programs that can help by sending health educators to the school to talk to students and teachers about cancer and its treatment.

There may also be programs that help new patients meet others who have already finished treatment. These are often called support groups and they can be a big help for the person starting treatment.

Adults with osteosarcoma can face many of the same challenges. They, as well as children and teens, can and should use their cancer center’s extra support services.

Last Medical Review: 01/24/2013
Last Revised: 01/24/2013