Pancreatic Cancer Overview

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Treating Pancreatic Cancer TOPICS

Targeted therapy for pancreatic cancer

Newer drugs that target certain parts of cancer cells are now being studied. These drugs work in a different way from regular chemotherapy (chemo) drugs. Sometimes they work when standard chemo drugs don’t, and they often have different side effects.

Erlotinib (Tarceva®) is a drug that has helped some patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. It is taken as a pill. When combined with the chemo drug gemcitabine (Gemzar®) it has been shown to be slightly better than gemcitabine alone. Common side effects of this drug can include an acne-like rash, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and feeling tired.

Last Medical Review: 08/01/2014
Last Revised: 02/01/2016