Testicular Cancer Overview

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What`s New in Testicular Cancer Research? TOPICS

What’s new in testicular cancer research and treatment?

Research into testicular cancer is going on right now around the world. Each year, scientists find out more about what causes the disease, how to prevent it, and how to improve treatment.


Researchers have found inherited changes in several genes that seem to increase a man’s risk of getting testicular cancer. These findings may help doctors figure out which men are at higher risk, but they need to be studied much more.

Certain other changes in the genes have been linked to resistance to chemo and predict poor outcomes. These findings may help doctors choose the best treatment for each man.


Clinical trials have improved the way doctors treat these cancers. For example, studies have found ways to predict which men may not need lymph node surgery or radiation therapy. Studies have also found other factors that suggest certain men may need stronger treatment.

A large amount of work is being done to try to limit long-term problems of treatment while still curing patients. Doctors want to be able to better predict whose cancer is more likely to come back and then base the amount of treatment on this. Thus men would get the exact amount of treatment they need.

New drugs and new drug combinations are being tested for people with cancer that comes back. Doctors are looking at different doses and combinations of chemo drugs that reduce side effects but still work well to kill the cancer. Stem cell transplant is being studied as a way to help those who need high doses of chemo. Doctors are also studying new ways to help men be able to father children after treatment.

Last Medical Review: 01/02/2014
Last Revised: 01/09/2015