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Thyroid cancer can cause any of these signs or symptoms:

  • A lump in the neck, sometimes growing quickly
  • Swelling in the neck
  • Pain in the front of the neck, sometimes going up to the ears
  • Hoarseness or other voice changes that do not go away
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Trouble breathing
  • A constant cough that is not due to a cold
  • A tumor in the thyroid seen on an imaging test

If you have any of these signs or symptoms, talk to your doctor right away. Many of these symptoms can be caused by other things. Thyroid lumps (nodules) are common and are usually benign. Still, if you have any of these problems, see your doctor right away so the cause can be found and treated, if needed.

Last Medical Review: 02/27/2014
Last Revised: 02/13/2015