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Will you take a Moment AGAINST Silence?

Join the boldest move yet to finish the fight against cancer!

I want to help the American Cancer Society celebrate their 100th birthday by finishing the fight against cancer. I know that cancer thrives on silence, complacency, and the status quo. That’s why I’m going to get loud. I’m making noise by pledging to take a Moment AGAINST Silence. With my pledge, I promise to take one of the following actions to make this cancer’s last century.

Donations Pledged


I will make a donation to help save lives.

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Participate in a Relay For Life

Participate in a Relay For Life

I will join more than 4 million people in over 20 countries by finding an event in my community, and getting involved!

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Healthy Choices Pledged

Make Healthy Choices

I will reduce my cancer risk by exercising 150 minutes each week, eating a healthy diet, avoiding tobacco, and getting my recommended cancer screenings.

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My dream as a cancer survivor is that each of us have a lifetime to achieve our dreams. It is time to #finishthefight
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Laura Pontecorvo Tomlin

I just had my 19th “More Birthday.” Each one has been step by step reached and appreciated. To all my family, friends that are family, thank you for walking step by step with me.
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