Non-Cancerous Breast Conditions

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Non-cancerous breast conditions are very common and most women have them. In fact, most breast changes that are tested turn out to be benign. Benign is another word for non-cancerous. Unlike breast cancers, benign breast conditions are not life-threatening.

Benign conditions and breast cancer have many of the same symptoms. So it can be hard to tell the difference from just symptoms alone.

Some breast changes may not cause any symptoms and may be found during a mammogram. But sometimes they can cause symptoms that bother you.

If your symptoms or mammogram results suggest that you may have a problem with your breast, your doctor will take more steps to find out what it is. You may be asked questions about your medical history, get a full physical exam, or need to get some imaging tests done to learn more about the change in your breast. Some of these conditions are linked with a higher risk of later developing breast cancer.