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Easy Reading for Patients: Dealing with Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

These PDFs provide easy reading information about dealing with side effects of cancer treatment. These fliers can be printed and distributed to cancer patients and caregivers with low health literacy or limited English proficiency. Some fliers are also available in Spanish.

Getting Help for Cancer Pain [PDF, 172Kb]

Getting Help for Chemo Brain [PDF, 206Kb] (also available in Spanish [PDF, 237])

Getting Help for Distress [PDF, 125Kb]

Getting Help for Diarrhea [PDF, 226Kb] (also available in Spanish [PDF, 201Kb])

Getting Help for Fatigue [PDF, 235Kb] (also available in Spanish [PDF, 255Kb])

Getting Help for Mouth Sores [PDF, 186Kb] (also available in Spanish [PDF, 210Kb])

Getting Help for Nausea and Vomiting [PDF, 121Kb] (also available in Spanish [PDF, 238Kb])

Getting Help for Skin Changes [PDF, 203Kb] (also available in Spanish [PDF, 235Kb])

Getting Help for Sleep Problems [PDF, 206Kb] (also available in Spanish [PDF, 329Kb])

When Cancer Comes Back [PDF, 241Kb] (also available in Spanish [PDF, 245])

Being a Caregiver [PDF, 202Kb]