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Fighting Cancer through Collaboration


American Cancer Society is committed to saving lives and addressing the unequal burden of cancer experienced within certain communities. We believe that all individuals regardless of race, socioeconomic and insurance status deserve equal access to quality health care.

The generous donations of our corporate partners support and grow our existing capacity to save more lives by collaborating with community partners to implement evidence-based interventions to increase cancer screening rates within populations at greatest risk of adverse cancer health outcomes.

Corporate Partners

Thank you to the corporate funders who invest in American Cancer Society's Community Health Initiatives. Listen to a message from Dr. John Seffrin, Chief Executive Officer, about the importance of corporate partnership and funding.

Contact us to become a corporate partner and join the fight against cancer!!

Community Partners

Community Health Workers play a vital role in educating and empowering the community to get screened for cancer. Meet community partners in Virginia and Minnesota and learn about their commitment to saving lives from cancer!