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The ACS/GWU* E-Quit Study

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 *American Cancer Society - George Washington University

Would you like to:

  • learn more about how to quit?
  • develop a quitting plan?
  • share your quitting experiences to help others quit?
  • learn more about proven quitting medications and quitlines?

If so, the American Cancer Society and the George Washington University’s E-Quit Smoking Cessation Study might be for you.  The goal of the E-Quit Study is to use email to help smokers quit.

Eligible participants will be asked to complete an introductory survey and 4 follow-up surveys . If eligible you'll receive a $10 gift card redeemable at Amazon.com for the completion of each survey, for a total of $50 if you complete the entire study. Compensation would be mailed to your address.

To participate you must reside in the U.S., have a valid mailing address (no P.O. boxes permitted), and a working phone number at which you can be reached.

To see if you qualify please click on the following survey link:  E-Quit Survey  

Note: All surveys must be completed on the same computer in order to be valid.

Please contact the E-Quit Team if you have any questions.
Phone: 404.329.4301

Study Team

J. Lee Westmaas, Ph.D.
Dr. Westmaas is the Director of Tobacco Research at the American Cancer Society’s Behavioral Research Center.

Lorien C. Abroms, Sc.D.
Dr. Abroms is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Prevention and Community Health at The George Washington University School of Public Health.

Jeuneviette Bontemps-Jones, MPH, CHES
Jeuneviette is a Research Analyst at the American Cancer Society’s Behavioral Research Center.