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Zombie Smokeout Mobile Game

Keep Your Hands Busy Until the Urge to Smoke Passes

When a craving for a smoke hits you, it may seem intense. It usually weakens in a few minutes, but during those few minutes, it’s a good idea to find something else to do. Take a walk, go get a drink of water, or play Zombie Smokeout. This action-packed mobile game can distract and entertain you to help get you past your craving.

The best part is, while you’re squirting zombies, you’re not smoking. So if you're a smoker, play this iPhone, iPad and Android mobile game to help distract you from your craving and keep your hands busy until the urge to smoke passes. And even if you’re not a smoker, this game is really fun.

Zombie Smokeout

Zombie Smokeout - iPhone, iPad & Android Game

In the not too distant future, the entire planet has been destroyed by second-hand smoke. Zombies roam the streets looking for more cigarettes to further pollute our city. And it’s your job to soak ‘em. You are Ally C. Smith, the ultimate zombie-soaker, and you have to douse the approaching zombies and flaming piles of cigarettes in the street with your giant water gun. All while you jump over obstacles like trashcans and abandoned cars. But you gotta keep your health up, or it’s game over.

Zombie Smokeout Screenshot Zombie Smokeout Video

So, don't smoke! Download this game and soak zombies instead!