Hope Lodge Guest Personal Pages

Welcome to the Hope Lodge Personal Pages. Personal Pages provide a powerful connection between cancer patients, their caregivers, families, and loved ones during difficult times.

By creating a Personal Page, a Hope Lodge Guest can easily customize a website to keep friends and family informed on their treatment and progress. The Guest can upload photos, write journal entries and receive supportive Guest Book messages from Visitors they invite to their site. It's quick and easy - the guest does not need to have any technical skills.

For assistance in creating your personal page, please click here for detailed directions.

A Visitor to a Personal Pages site can read updates, view the photo album and write words of encouragement and support in the guestbook. They can also sign up to receive email alerts notifying them when the Guest has posted an update on their site.

If you are a visitor and need more information, please click here.

We hope you find Hope Lodge Personal Pages a valuable resource in the fight against cancer.