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Spring 2012 Newsbrief

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CEOs Are Leading the Way to a Healthier World - Craig Duchossois 
CEOs have a reputation for being visionaries and thought leaders, but health leaders? Not usually.  The 6.5 million employees whose chief executives are participating in the American Cancer Society CEOs Against Cancer program, however, may tell a different story. That's because you have committed to make an impact on cancer nationally and globally - starting with your own employees. 

A CEO's Aspiration to Create a Network of Support in the Workplace - Richard Davis
As chairman, president, and CEO of U.S. Bancorp, Richard Davis has made a personal commitment to create an environment that enables his employees to live healthier and happier lives by supporting changes in learned behavior, combined with a spirit of care. 

New Tobacco Atlas Estimates Tobacco Industry Earned $35 Billion in Profits in 2010
Imagine if your industry produced a product that contributed to the deaths of almost 50 million people worldwide in the past 10 years. 

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