California Pain Initiatives

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Delivering Pain Information to Californians

The Northern California Pain Initiative (NCPI), a project of the American Cancer Society, California Division Inc., is dedicated to promoting the right of all people to control their pain in order to maximize their quality of life. NCPI works with healthcare providers, patients, and other stakeholders to provide education about effective and appropriate pain management, conduct outreach regarding pain-related issues, provide information regarding access to services, and influence public policy. Visit the NCPI website.

NCPI is recognized as a pain initiative working in collaboration with the American Cancer Society and the Alliance of State Pain Initiatives (ASPI).

The NCPI works with the Southern California Cancer Pain Initiative (SCCPI) to promote effective pain management throughout California.


The Southern California Cancer Pain Initiative (SCCPI) is a nonprofit volunteer interdisciplinary organization made up of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and many other professionals dedicated to the relief of cancer pain. SCCPI works closely with other professional and regulatory agencies to remove barriers to optimum pain relief. Visit the SCCPI website.
SCCPI is a member of the Alliance of State Pain Initiatives (ASPI).