I Can Cope Classes

CA I Can Cope

We invite you to join other patients and caregivers to give and receive support through I Can Cope.

What is I Can Cope?

I Can Cope is a series of free, educational, peer support classes now offered on a monthly basis over the telephone exclusively for cancer patients and caregivers in California. Facilitated by medical professionals, each I Can Cope class highlights a different topic relevant to the cancer experience to enhance cancer patient's and caregiver's knowledge and skills and to empower them to cope more effectively with the challenges that living with cancer can bring.

I Can Cope Classes allow you to learn important facts and practical tips about cancer and related issues through telephone conference or online classes with self-guided modules that include video, audio clips, as well as links to additional information. 

Living with cancer is hard.  Empower yourself to cope more effectively with it! Click here to check out the latest schedule of classes.

  • Free, interactive, educational support classes facilitated by medical professionals
  • Offered on a monthly basis over the telephone
  • Share experiences with other cancer patients and caregivers
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Learn skills to better manage your cancer experience on a variety of cancer-related topics

Pre-registration is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend?

I Can Cope is exclusively for adult patients and caregivers.  Each telephone class provides a safe, confidential environment for you to receive support as well as support others by sharing your questions, thoughts and experiences.


How do I attend?

I Can Cope classes are offered over the phone (teleconference).  This means that there’s no travel required, and you can participate from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office!


How do I register?

For more information about I Can Cope or to register for an upcoming telephone class, call the American Cancer Society toll-free at 1-800-ACS-2345.  Once you register, materials and dial-in information will be sent to your personal email address for your use during the telephone class.


How can I receive additional support? 

Please call 1-800-ACS-2345 for support and information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Why is I Can Cope offered over the phone?

Offering monthly I Can Cope classes over the telephone is one of the many ways the American Cancer Society strives to make support services and information easily accessible. I Can Cope telephone classes allow patients and caregivers to participate by telephone from locations that are most convenient for them, such as their own homes or offices. Patients who are ill, fatigued or have "at risk" immune systems have found I Can Cope telephone classes to be particularly helpful, as they require no travel and expend minimal amounts of energy. Caregivers have also benefited from this venue given the minimal demand it places on them in driving a patient and/or themselves to an I Can Cope class offered in person.


What is an I Can Cope telephone class like?

I Can Cope telephone classes are interactive! Patients and caregivers are encouraged to ask questions, give and receive feedback and share experiences with other participants. In order to assure confidentiality, only first names of participants are used. Due to the added anonymity provided by the telephone, many patients and caregivers feel more comfortable sharing their experiences, fears, and questions. I Can Cope telephone classes provide an easy way for patients and caregivers from all over the state to connect and share common hopes and strategies for coping with cancer. Prior to each telephone class, each participant receives materials for use during the class to guide discussion.


What topics are included in the I Can Cope telephone classes?

Each I Can Cope class focuses on a different cancer-related topic. Telephone classes are offered on a monthly basis and cycle through the following topics (in no particular order): Communicating Concerns and Feelings, Exploring Self-Esteem and Intimacy, Managing Cancer-Related Fatigue, Managing the Effects of Illness and Treatment, Nutrition During and After Cancer Treatment, Relieving Cancer Pain, Taking Charge of Money Matters, and Supporting Your Loved One and Yourself through the Cancer Experience [for caregivers only].


I Can Cope is also offered online.

Online I Can Cope classes are free, interactive, and a quick and convenient way for patients and caregivers to get the answers they need, when they need them. The classes are self-paced, so participants control how quickly they move through them. I Can Cope online classes now have video, audio, and interactive quizzes. Links to more detailed information and related topics are available for those who are interested. To take an online class, patients and caregivers can go to www.cancer.org/onlineclasses, select the class they want to take and complete the short registration form.