Tag2Nag Takes Colon Cancer Awareness To Facebook

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Social Network Users “Tag” Friends and Family in Images that “Nag” Them about Colon Cancer Screening

New York, NY – In an effort to spread the message of the importance of colon cancer screening, the American Cancer Society is launching an innovative social media campaign called Tag2Nag.  The campaign will allow Facebook users to encourage their friends and family to get recommended colon cancer screenings by tagging them in images that feature prevention messaging.  The campaign uses technology and humor as avenues to raise awareness about a sometimes uncomfortable but potentially life-saving topic. 

If all adults 50 and older were screened for colon cancer, the death rate from this disease would be cut in half, saving approximately 25,000 lives per year.

Tag2Nag encourages Facebook users to tag parents, relatives and friends age 50 and older in a variety of colon-cancer themed images posted on www.facebook.com/cancernynj.  Although the person tagged believes they are about to view a photo in which they appear, when the image opens they see messages urging, or nagging, them to get screened for colon cancer.  Some of the images warn, “Did you actually think I uploaded a family portrait? Nope, just a lifesaving reminder to get screened for colon cancer!” while others joke, “Remember when Disco was king and the Bee Gees ruled the airwaves? Then you’re probably 50… old enough for a lifesaving colonoscopy.”  It's a great way for kids to play a little (but lifesaving) prank on their parents, as well as a method to engage an older generation in social media.

Regular colorectal cancer screening or testing is one of the most powerful weapons for preventing colon cancer. Screening for colon cancer has been proven to reduce deaths from the disease both by decreasing the number of people who are diagnosed with it and by finding a higher proportion of cancers at early, more treatable stages. Overall, colon cancer rates have declined rapidly in both men and women in the past two decades, due in part to early detection and removal of precancerous polyps. However, only half of the U.S. population aged 50 and older have been tested.

To get started with Tag2Nag, click onto the American Cancer Society of NY & NJ Facebook page at www.facebook.com/cancernynj.

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