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Ed Gruson Calls American Cancer Society Hope Lodge NYC a Therapeutic "Community" for Cancer Patients


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New York, NY - Cancer may have temporarily taken the richness of Ed Gruson's speaking voice, but it certainly hasn't taken away the richness of his character.

The 82 year old Connecticut resident joined the Hope Lodge family on July 4 after being diagnosed with cancer. In just a few short weeks, the two-time cancer survivor has achieved celebrity-status among the staff, volunteers and fellow guests. Everyone knows him by name and everyone talks about him with a smile.

Ed first sought medical attention when he noticed his voice was becoming hoarse. His doctor referred him to an ENT specialist who came to a quick diagnosis — acid reflux. A steady regimen of antacids and everything should be fine. Weeks went by and the antacids did nothing, so Ed went back for a second visit. This time, after a closer look, his ENT recommended a biopsy of his vocal chords. The results showed the presence of cancer cells.

A 15-year prostate cancer survivor, Ed wasn't shocked by the diagnosis, but 'you have cancer' are never good words to hear.

Ed soon went in for an operation to remove the cancer from his vocal chords, and after his symptoms persisted his doctors suggested yet another operation.  "But I have a saying,” said Ed, “if at first you don't succeed, you don't try again with me!” 

Instead, Ed made the 2.5 hour drive to New York City to consult with a radio-oncologist at New York Presbyterian Hospital. His new doctor found that Ed’s cancer was particularly unique. Instead of having a tumor that could be removed through surgery, Ed's cancer cells were spread out across the surface of his vocal chords. For that reason, surgery would never be completely successful and he was instead scheduled for 33 radiation treatments. 

Ed was not pleased with the recommendation. He'd received radiation while battling prostate cancer and had experience harsh side effects. Plus, the two-month treatment required daily weekday visits to the hospital. Ed wondered where he was supposed to stay during this time. He and his wife couldn't travel five hours a day to and from their home nor could they afford $250 a night for a room in a Manhattan hotel. Despite having personal connections in the medical world — his prestigious career included positions at Harvard Medical School and the National Organization for Rare Disorders — Ed was left without any options.

It was then that a hospital social worker recommended that the couple seek out a room at the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge Jerome L. Greene Family Center.

Since entering Hope Lodge, Ed has quickly earned the adoration of staff and volunteers. His trademark sarcastic wit quickly melts away when he talks about the American Cancer Society and Hope Lodge. "Hope Lodge is remarkable. Words fail to describe its benefits," he said. "The sense of community and support generated by shared experience with other cancer patients, the support of a compassionate and giving staff and volunteers, creates a therapeutic community, the likes of which are rare indeed.”

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