Hope Lodge – Healing Mind, Body, and Soul

For some cancer patients, the path to recovery is meditation. Some seek a sabbatical from disease, while others require support groups, cancer information, massage, yoga, or art therapy. Hope Lodge NYC will offer all of these, and more, to help patients heal.

Katherine Craapse, the director of Hope Lodge operations, is organizing numerous complementary therapies, which will focus on giving the cancer patients and their caregivers a greater sense of control over their lives. “Recovering from cancer treatment isn’t just about the body, it is also about healing the mind,” she said. “Although much time is devoted to focusing on treatment, keeping the mind focused on staying healthy and taking time to lessen anxiety and re-center yourself to bring peace and balance into this stressful period in your life is important.”

Working in partnership with leading experts in the field, including Dr. Barrie Cassileth, American Cancer Society board member and chief of the integrative medicine service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Hope Lodge will offer patient and caregiver support sessions, nutritional counseling, healthy cooking demonstrations, health lectures, yoga and fitness programs, gentle massage therapy, along with music and art therapy.

“The programs being offered will help give freedom from worry, freedom from illness, and a freedom from the sense of isolation that can come with a diagnosis of cancer, said Katherine. “Incorporating the physical, mental and emotional levels is the very essence of self-healing and learning to cope. My hope and vision is that Hope Lodge will bring balance, healing and wholeness back into the daily lives of our guests and their caregivers,” said Katherine.

For centuries, human touch has been known to decrease pain, relieve anxiety, and promote self-healing. Studies of massage on cancer patients suggest that for many patients it increases the effectiveness of conventional medicine, reduces stress and fatigue, and promotes self-healing.

Hope Lodge is a place of rest, discovery, and guidance. The peaceful Bristol Myers-Squibb Library—which will be fully stocked with up-to-date cancer resources, novels, and magazines—will offer a tranquil place to study or escape.

Hope Lodge also offers a meditation center that will incorporate a peaceful room for quiet solitude and will offer solace to those entering its doors. Meditation can help improve the quality of life for people with cancer by teaching them to relax the body and calm the mind in order to create a sense of well being.

Of all that Hope Lodge has to offer, Katherine is most excited about therapy through yoga. “Yoga teaches a person how to use their body to empower physical, mental and spiritual strength in order to feel less stress by relieving tension and helping generate energy, peacefulness, and relaxation,” she said. Gentle techniques using a combination of breathing exercises, visualization, movement, relaxation and meditation will be emphasized.

Hope Lodge NYC is the nation’s largest facility—offering free lodging, comfort, and care to those who travel far from home for cancer treatment. Every guest is greeted with hospitality, kindness, and compassion.

For more information about Hope Lodge NYC, or to donate to the facility, visit Hope Lodge NYC or call 1.800.227.2345.