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Triumph Circle | Navigate a Patient

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the American Cancer Society is there to navigate the route to survival. By partnering with more than 100 health care systems in New York and New Jersey, the Society is connecting with more patients than ever before—providing reliable information, compassionate guidance, and practical resources at a critical time. Our patient navigators—many are survivors—are working on-site in local hospitals and treatment centers to provide timely support. Navigators not only provide reliable information about cancer and its treatment, they link patients with survivorship programs, support groups, free transportation, and other practical resources. Early indications show that patients who receive navigation are more likely to complete a course of treatment—leading to the best possible outcomes. Your gift to the Triumph Circle can help us train and place more navigators throughout New York and New Jersey – especially in areas of greatest need.


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The American Cancer Society thanks Triumph Circle members with benefits and rewards throughout the year. To learn more about the rewards of Triumph Circle membership, call Janet Handy at 212.237.3856 or email