Hope Lodges in Florida

More than 1.2 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year.  Many of these patients often spend weeks - even months - away from home undergoing treatment at cancer centers around the country.  The American Cancer Society recognizes the burden cancer patients and their caregivers face when they travel far from home, so the organization has created Hope Lodge facilities in many areas across the country.  These short-term residential facilities are designed to provide housing and referral services free of charge to patients receiving outpatient cancer treatment away from home.  Without such facilities, patients often are forced to seek alternative - an sometimes costly - accommodations and can experience a loss of emotional support that is needed during this difficult time.

Each Hope Lodge is designed to meet the needs of patients who are receiving active outpatient cancer treatment.  Lodges offer private suites for the comfort of patients and their caregivers, while fostering a home environment so patients have the opportunity to share experiences with others facing the same disease.  These residential facilities are typically equipped with a community dining room, kitchen facilities, a common family room area, a library and laundry facilities.  Some also feature a day center where cancer patients can rest between treatments, even if they are not staying at the facility.  Hope Lodges also provide access to a wide variety of American Cancer Society educational programs and services.

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