Patient Services in Colorado

The following patient programs are offered by the American Cancer Society in Colorado. Contact your local American Cancer Society office for details about programs in your area.

Cancer Support Groups

Cancer support groups are available statewide. Contact your local office for information on groups near you.

Children's Camps

Click below to learn about children's camps available in Colorado.
Sky High Hope Camp and Rocky Mountain Adventure Camp

Community Connection

If you are unsure of where to find the help you need, call the American Cancer Society. Through the community connection program, we can direct you to our services and to community agencies that assist cancer patients, their families, and others who have been affected by cancer.

Home Away From Home

Often cancer patients must travel a long way from home to their treatment. Through the Home Away From Home program, we can arrange free lodging for a limited time and make the trip a little easier for patients and families who cannot afford the expenses.

I Can Cope

I Can Cope is a series of educational programs that help patients and their families learn how to live with cancer and to cope with day-to-day challenges. This program is taught in a group setting by trained health care professionals.

Laryngectomy Support

A laryngectomy, or removal of the voice box, does not have to limit communication with the people around you. Several support groups are available for patients, family and friends. In this caring, comfortable environment, laryngectomees (people who have had their voice box removed) learn to practice and improve speech techniques. Volunteers are also available to visit patients and provide support before and after surgery.

Look Good...Feel Better

This program provides an opportunity for women undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment to improve their appearance, and as a result, their self-image. Volunteer cosmetologists assist patients with beauty techniques and wig care that can help them cope with the changes resulting from cancer treatment. This program is designed to help women increase their self-esteem and overall well-being, and is co-sponsored by the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association Foundation and the National Cosmetology Association.

Man To Man

The American Cancer Society sponsors a support group for prostate cancer survivors and their partners. It offers men a chance to learn more about coping with prostate cancer treatment. During Man to Man group meetings, thoughts and ideas about prostate cancer are openly shared.


The American Cancer Society makes available a number of free pamphlets and brochures to help cancer patients and their loved ones understand and cope with cancer. Topics include talking with your doctor, caring for the cancer patient at home, sexuality and cancer, and many more. Some areas also lend videotapes to cancer patients.

Mobile Mammography Units

The American Cancer Society recommends that women ages 40 and older have an annual mammogram. Early detection is the key to saving lives, which is why the American Cancer Society has formed partnerships to bring mobile mammography units to income eligible women in their communities.

Ostomy Support

Our ostomy volunteers are former patients themselves and are living proof that this surgery does not keep you from enjoying work, relationships or physical activities. Volunteers are available to visit patients, share their experiences, and provide encouragement and advice. Help is also available by joining the local chapter of the United Ostomy Association.

Reach to Recovery

Reach to Recovery is a visitation program for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Trained volunteer breast cancer survivors provide information and support. Reach to Recovery helps breast cancer patients meet the physical, social, emotional, and cosmetic needs related to their disease and treatment.

Road To Recovery

Sometimes cancer treatment locations are far away from patients' homes. Road to Recovery volunteers provide transportation for cancer patients to and from treatment appointments. This program is designed to assist patients who have no transportation, are too ill to drive, or who don't have access to other local resources.

Wig Services

Hair loss can sometimes occur with cancer treatment. Women who are experiencing hair loss can visit the American Cancer Society and choose from a wide variety of wigs that are free of charge. Styling is also available by appointment.

Women's Support Groups

The American Cancer Society offers support groups for women fighting breast cancer and other types of cancer.