Hope Lodges

A home away from home when it is needed most.


The American Cancer Society understands the challenges families face when a loved one needs cancer treatment far away from home. Treatment can last one day to several months. The burden and expense of constant travel, dining out, and hotel stays drain families both financially and emotionally. Our Hope Lodges offer some relief from the stress accompanying these prolonged cancer treatments.

The Hope Lodge concept is simple - cancer patients who must travel to receive treatment at medical centers nearby can stay at the lodge free of charge. The lodges offer comfortable, private rooms and a supportive environment in a nurturing setting. Our Hope Lodges meet the physical, financial, and emotional needs of cancer patients by providing them and a companion with a place to stay, as long as needed, until treatment is completed.

The physical layout of our Hope Lodges is specifically designed to house patients while being sensitive to their needs. The design promotes interaction between various guests, providing compassion, encouragement, and emotional support, thus lessening each person's cancer burden.

More than 30 years ago, Charleston, South Carolina became the home of the nation's first Hope Lodge. Since then, the idea of creating a 'home away from home' for cancer patients has increased. Currently, the American Cancer Society operates over 20 Hope Lodges across the country and two can be found in the Midwest - one in Kansas City and one in St. Louis.