Camp Rainbow in Maine

A special place for children with cancer: June 16 - June 22, 2013

This is the 26th year Camp Rainbow will be offered to children to children and teenagers in or out of treatment. Here are details about the camp:


Where is Camp Rainbow located?

It is located at Branch Lake, the site of YMCA’s Camp Jordan in Ellsworth, Maine. It features 200 acres of natural surroundings. The facility includes a well-developed waterfront, ropes course, areas designed for athletics, a stage for drama, and an arts and crafts building. 


When is it held?:

Camp Rainbow is scheduled for June 16 - June 22, 2013.


Who can attend?

Children ages 4 through high school who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as their siblings, are welcome. (High school graduates are welcome to attend the summer following their graduation.) A parent or guardian must accompany campers ages 4 through 6. Children currently in treatment for cancer, as well as those who are up to 10 years post-treatment are eligible. Attendance is subject to the approval of the medical director. Maine children are given preference but out-of-state children are also encouraged to apply.


What can campers expect?

Activities at Camp Rainbow include canoeing, softball, arts and crafts, an awesome ropes course, hiking, theater arts, lacrosse, volleyball, tennis, kayaking, photography, street hockey, swimming, sing-alongs, talent night, and campfires. This week-long camping experience helps meet the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of young cancer patients and their families. Campers are assigned to age and gender matched cabins. Meals are served in the dining hall. 


How many campers can it accommodate?

Camp Rainbow can host 100 attendees. There is generally a ratio of eight campers to one cabin counselor, with two staff members in each cabin overnight. 


What does Camp Rainbow cost?

Eastern Maine Medical Center, the Bangor Ronald McDonald House, and the Bangor YMCA Camp Jordan have been helping offer this week-long camping experience to children with cancer for 20 years. Thanks to the financial contributions from the American Cancer Society’s many friends and donors, participants will be able to attend Camp Rainbow free of charge. Donations are always needed and are gratefully accepted. 


Is there medical care?

Chemotherapy and blood tests are given onsite by the medical staff, and the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Clinic at Eastern Maine Medical Center provides 24-hour medical staffing for the week. 


Who are the staff?

The staff from YMCA’s Camp Jordan brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to this special one-week camping experience. There is generally a ratio of eight campers to one cabin counselor, with two staff members in each cabin at night. Many of the counselors are former Camp Rainbow attendees who generously give back their time and expertise to ensure that campers enjoy their stay. Medical staff includes an oncologist, two oncology nurses, and a social worker from Eastern Maine Medical Center. 


Is this camp accredited?

Yes, Camp Rainbow is accredited by the American Camp Association.


What to our campers have to say about Camp Rainbow?

When asked what they liked most about Camp Rainbow, many remarked that they like how everyone cares about everyone else and how they were able to share their thoughts with others who have or had cancer. When asked what they like least about camp, the general consensus was, “It wasn’t long enough!”



Want to register your child? Call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345 any time, day or night.